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Welcome to the Supreme Court Project, which will harness the power of this collaborative site to analyze and explain the U.S. Supreme Court, its significance, its direction, and suggest legal approaches for change.

Current Justices

Issues where the Court now has 5 votes, with the replacement by Justice Alito of Justice O'Connor's seat, to overturn liberal precedents:

See Essay:Reversible Court Decisions

Pending Docket

Generally, all grants of certiorari by the end of January can be heard in the same term of the U.S. Supreme Court. Grants of certiorari that occur after February 1st are likely to heard in the following term beginning in October.

Worst Decisions


  • Precedents overturned by the Roberts Court
  • Recent decisions
  • Cases being appealed to the Court
  • Philosophies of the Justices
  • Prior decisions that can be overturned
  • Religion
  • Abortion
  • Private property
  • Second Amendment
  • evolution
  • law enforcement
  • pornography
  • taxation
  • sovereignty