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This page is for Conservapedia Sysops to collect documentation, in the form of diffs, of possible misuse or sysop rights. Only Conservapedia Sysops can originate complaints and post diffs as evidence here. If an editor wishes to include diffs as evidence after a complaint has been registered, please contact the initiating sysop who may be of assistance.

To document evidence, please post as the following example:


  • Incivility. [diff][diff][diff] ad infinitum
  • Personal remark. [diff][diff][diff] "
  • Edit warring. [diff][diff][diff] "
  • Abuse of blocking privileges. [diff][diff][diff]
  • Inappropriate deletion. [diff][diff][diff]

DO NOT post monologues or commentary, such as, "User:XXX is a bad guy because...." Other sysops can read the evidence themselves and determine if a complaint is trolling, without merit, or bona fide.

Case #1

Case #2

Case #3