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This is a list of every Conservative of the Year according to Conservapedia. Please note that these lists do not imply that those listed are not the only noteworthy conservatives of that particular year.


Year Conservative of the Year Runner up Other nominees
2009[1] Clarence Thomas Defenders of marriage 9
2010 Rand Paul Andrew Breitbart 9
2011 John Kasich Allen West 12
2012 2012 Summer Olympics participants Scott Walker 13
2013 "Duck Dynasty" family Rick Perry 14
2014 Scott Walker Greg Abbott 18
2015 Republican primary voters Jim Jordan 15
2016 Phyllis Schlafly Donald Trump 12
2017 Donald Trump Steve Bannon 16
2018 Donald Trump Jair Bolsonaro 23
2019 Josh Hawley pro-life and pro-Brexit British former Labour Party voters 24
2020 Amy Coney Barrett Lauren Boebert 21


  1. This was for the entire decade.

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