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Here are the top conservatives of the year for 2010:

(In a characteristic exercise of conservative restraint, no "winner" was chosen for this year, but the ranking is below such that Rand Paul was the de facto winner and Andrew Breitbart was the first runner-up.)


  • Rand Paul, who stood up for conservative principles and did not back down one inch against a horrific liberal smear campaign. In the end trounced his opponent by about 12 points to become the new U.S. Senator from Kentucky.
  • Andrew Breitbart, leading the charge to take down the liberal media. Directly responsible for bankrupting ACORN. Exposed House Democrats as race baiting liars and is a leading figure in the Tea Party Movement.
  • Sarah Palin, primarily for promoting Tea Party candidates and helping many of them win the 2010 midterm elections.
  • Marco Rubio, who took on the heavily favored RINO Charlie Crist and defeated him in a landslide to become the new U.S. Senator from Florida.
  • The Tea Party Movement which took gigantic strides in the last year to advance liberty and freedom, and get what used to be called "The Silent Majority" involved and moving again. We’d be fools to ignore this: the tea party movement straddled history and yelled, “Stop, you're going the wrong way!” and succeeded. Without the movement, no one would have ever heard of Rand or Marco, or a dozen others.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, a movement conservative, won a stunning upset victory in South Florida to become one of two African American Republican congressmen, and he immediately sought admission into the historically liberal Congressional Black Caucus.
  • Jan Brewer, taking a bold stance for the rule of law by protecting the citizens of Arizona. Governor Brewer exhibits strength and conservative determination despite the counter-efforts of the ruling class, Washington D.C. bureaucrats. Recently re-elected, she enjoys nationwide support and recognition.
  • Francisco Canseco, a conservative Hispanic Republican, scored a stunning upset over the entrenched liberal incumbent congressman in the 2010 Midterm Election for the 23rd Congressional District of Texas.
  • Chris Christie, as governor he has burst into the national spotlight with his fight for fiscal conservatism and his brash schooling of the liberal teacher unions. The nation craves his leadership.
  • Ron Johnson, a conservative who had never even been to Washington, D.C., won a huge upset by 5 points over the entrenched liberal Russ Feingold to become U.S. Senator for Wisconsin.
  • Joe Arpaio, protecting Arizona's citizens against the bad guys, despite counter-efforts by Obama's Justice Department led by Eric Holder and the Homeland Security Department led by Janet Napolitano.