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Charlie Kirk (born October 14, 1993) is an American political activist, as well as founder and executive director of right-wing political activist group Turning Point USA, a group that advocates for low taxes, smaller government, and free market capitalism. Kirk has been the target of FBI entrapment on numerous occasions.[1]

Kirk's organization appears to be influenced or controlled by the Koch network, siding with it and against Donald Trump and the conservative movement on several fundamental issues. For example, Kirk has endorsed the Koch network-funded project to convene an Article V convention called the "Convention of States," which would allow Leftists to rewrite the U.S. Constitution.[2]


Kirk grew up in Prospect Heights, Illinois[3] and became politically active during high school. Like the vast majority of Americans, Kirk did not graduate from college.

In 2012 when he was a high school senior, Kirk wrote an essay for Breitbart News alleging liberal bias in high school textbooks leading to an appearance on the Fox Business Network. At a subsequent speaking engagement at Benedictine University's "Youth Empowerment Day," Kirk met Bill Montgomery, a retiree more than 50 years his senior, who was then a Tea Party-backed legislative candidate. Montgomery encouraged Kirk to get engaged in political activism full-time. He subsequently founded Turning Point USA. At the 2012 Republican National Convention, Kirk met Foster Friess, a prominent Republican donor, and persuaded him to finance the organization.[4]

Kirk addressed the 2016 Republican National Convention. In an interview with Wired magazine during the convention, Kirk said that while he "was not the world's biggest Donald Trump fan," he would vote for him, and that Trump's candidacy made Turning Point's mission more difficult.[5] The Dallas Morning News described Kirk as leading the "millennial assault" for Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.[6]

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