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Nick Fuentes

Nick Fuentes X Profile Pic.

Born August 18th, 1998 (age 25)
Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Political commentator and streamer
Religion Catholic

Nicholas Joseph Fuentes, known as Nick Fuentes, is a Gen Z populist influencer in favor of Social Reign of Jesus Christ,[Citation Needed] a Catholic Government and abolishing the separation between Church and State. He is a Hitler and Stalin (see National Bolshevism) hero worshipper as well[1] propagandist, internet personality, radio show host, and streamer. Fuentas was a full-throated backer of the mentally deficient 2020 Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden.[2][3]

Fuentes is known for his talking points attempting to link Vladimir Putin to Nazism, he also mentioned Stalin as a national hero of Russia (see below). His racist anti-semitic ideology has been denounced by Conservative of the Year 2021 winner, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.[4][5]

He is the founder and president of the so-called America First Foundation (AF), which allegedly advocates for populism, nationalism, supposedly Christian values and traditionalism, and claims to battle the "anti-white agenda," mass immigration, the Establishment, and Conservative Inc.. Yet, hypocrite Fuentes was caught streaming gay porn. [6] They have run the annual misnomered AFPAC event, or the America First Political Action Conference, since 2020. Fuentes currently hosts the episodic livestream series America First with Nicholas J. Fuentes on, which he began in 2017 and previously co-hosted the Nationalist Review (not to be confused with National Review) podcast with James Allsup.

Fuentes is one-quarter Mexican, hence his Hispanic surname; Fuentes, however, prefers to identify with his Italian heritage.[7] He is also 2% African, and thus jokingly refers to himself as "Afro-Latino".

Fuentes famously engaged in a food fight at dinner in an L.A. restaurant with innocent bystanders in December 2022.[8]

He is pro-Russia[9] and anti-Israel.

Education and early career

Fuentes graduated from Lyons Township High School, and was president of the school's student council.

Charlotteslville white supremacists received training from Ukrainian Nazis.[10]

On August 12, 2017, he flew from Chicago to Virginia to attend the Second Day of the infamous Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee Statue. Fuentes claimed that the majority of protesters in attendance were not KKK members, nor were they neo-Nazis. Up until then, Fuentes had been attending Boston University, but left after receiving several death threats, and declared that he wished to move to Auburn University. He applied for transfer admission to Auburn University in fall of 2017, but he did not confirm his enrollment on time.[11]

Previously, Fuentes worked as a host on the Right Side Broadcasting Network, but was later fired by Joe Seales after attending the infamous Charlottesville rally, with Seales claiming he was a bad look for the network and that it would hurt RSBN's chances of getting in the White House press briefing room, which they never achieved.

Political views

Nick Fuentes holding a crucifix.

Fuentes claims to be a devout Catholic. He describes his views as "paleoconservative, nationalist and Christian conservative", as well as a self-described member of the "dissident right". He's been labelled as an anti-establishment populist, and criticizes both the left and the right, strongly the GOP establishment. He supposedly is a strong social conservative, motivated by his Catholic faith, and uses "Christ is King" as one of his many catchphrases. He is alleged to be an outspoken opponent of the homosexual agenda in all of its forms, as well as transgenderism,

He is often described as "far right" "white nationalist" "white supremacist" by sources like Wikipedia, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the ADL; he rejects these labels, and has publicly denied being a member of the alt-right, as well as having feuded with Biden operative Richard Spencer, who once shouted violent threats and hateful insults at Fuentes over the phone, calling him a "Mexican peasant", and telling him to "do my f---ing laundry, you little f---ing spic" as well as saying he "better hope and pray you never f---ing see me in public".[12] When Fuentes and Spencer later did cross paths in public, Spencer proved the threats to be empty.

On his show, Fuentes frequently discusses American and European demographics, immigration, and current political and cultural events. Fuentes takes a hard stance against legal immigration, advocating for a complete ban of immigration coming into the U.S. Like David Duke, as part of his anti Jewish war he is anti-Israel and anti-Zionism, claiming that Israel is not actually an ally of the US. Fuentes is pro-Second Amendment, and the Bill of Rights in the past. He calls himself an America First nationalist who supposedly supports Trump, claiming to have voted for him in both the 2016 Presidential election and the 2020 Presidential election. He protested for the overturning of the fraudulent Biden win. He openly criticizes President Trump, mainly for Trump's rhetoric on things like the Covid vaccine and Israel. In November 2022, he told Trump to his face that he was drifting to the left and that he should be more like Ron DeSantis.[13]

Fuentes stated: "I want this country to have Catholic media, Catholic Hollywood, Catholic government. I want this to be a Catholic occupied government, not a Jewish occupied government."[14]

He has defended Pope Francis against Sedevacantists asserting that the Church is a Monarchy and prefers Novus Ordo Mass to avoid "Schismatics" in the Trad World.[15][16][17]

Hero worship

On one occasion, Fuentes noted his own obsession and worshiping of individuals he deems "heroes," including Soviet mass murderer Joseph Stalin:[18]

And I talk a lot on my show, I've always, just like, just worshiped heroes, like Trump, or like Kanye, or Elon Musk, or like Stalin, or Putin, or whoever.

More notably, Fuentes and the "American First Political Action Conference" openly support the far-left Chinese Communist regime; on October 27, 2021, he declared, "Tonight, we are celebrating China’s test of a hypersonic missile that may one day end the reign of the Great Satan."[19] Later in February 2022, Fuentes advocated Chinese Communist revanchism in Taiwan: "First Ukraine, then Taiwan!"[20][21]

He has also praised Putin "for trying to liberate Ukraine" saying that it is "not aggression" and are "not unreasonable" by trying to "de-Nazify Ukraine". 2 weeks after Republican lawmakers attended an event he hosted.[9][22]

Campaign for converting America into Catholicism

Many young conservatives have been converted into the Catholic Church thanks to Nick's spreading of the Gospel.[23][24] He has recived support from Pinesap.[25]


Fuentes December 2022 viral dinner.[26]

Fuentes is often accused of bigotry and antisemitism, mainly for his jokes about the Holocaust. Prior to the October-2022 / more revelation of his bigotry, Jewish conservative Laura Loomer has come to his defense, saying he has treated her better as a Jewish woman than big "conservative" organizations like Turning Point USA.

After being tricked and having Fuentes at a dinner, Trump clarified he 'had never heard of' Nick Fuentes and 'had no idea' about his antisemitic views.[27]

Nevertheless, Trump's opponents have been using this incident to smear him.

MTV documentary deception

In 2019, Fuentes was contacted by MTV to supposedly feature in a reboot of the series MTV True Life, following a young conservative activist and a young liberal activist. Fuentes initially had turned them down, but later accepted. The crew came to his town in Chicago and filmed hours of interviews and B-Roll of him, but the original episode pitched never aired. Instead, MTV later repackaged the footage into a bogus documentary titled White Supremacy Ruined My Life, following a man pretending to be a former KKK member, who claims Fuentes' views are dangerous and extremist, with the editors cherry-picking moments from the footage in an unsuccessful attempt to make him sound like one. The documentary also follows a black woman who lost a parent in the Charleston church shooting, further trying to conflate Fuentes with the racist violence he disavows.[28]

Matt Walsh

On August 7, 2019, Fuentes got into a feud with Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire on Twitter over comments Walsh made in response to the El Paso shooting by a supposed "far-right extremist". Walsh used the shooting to justify a contribution to racist anti-white rhetoric, saying that "white racist scumbags should be executed". Fuentes expressed disapproval of this statement and called Walsh a "Shabbos Goy race traitor".[29]

Ashley St. Clair

On September 28th, 2019, Fuentes appeared in a group photo with Ashley St. Clair, Kathy Zhu, and Baked Alaska, amongst others. Ashley St. Clair was fired from her position at Turning Point USA for appearing in the photo. This sparked outrage on Twitter from Zhu and Fuentes, with Fuentes stating on Twitter,

"The message from Charlie Kirk and TPUSA is loud and clear: if you are a young, thoughtful, intellectual curious Right Winger, you are not welcome in their organization. TPUSA exists solely to enrich its donors, and they’ll cleave off anybody who poses a threat to the cash flow."

Zhu responded to the firing by stating,

"If they were actually anything close to KKK members, they wouldn’t even want to be in a picture with the 4 minorities in the photo. Guilt by association is a leftist tactic that beta-conservatives have adopted."

Groyper Wars

In the fall of 2019, Charlie Kirk launched a "Culture War" speaking tour with Turning Point USA. As a retaliation to the firing of St. Clair, as well as to an incident at the 2019 Politicon convention where Fuentes was prohibited by security from entering Kirk's events, Fuentes began a social media campaign urging his followers, known as the Groypers, to go to the events and troll the speakers by asking questions regarding Kirk and TPUSA's liberal stances on immigration, Israel, and Homosexual "rights" during the Q&A sections. These events became known as the "Groyper Wars".

At one event hosted by Ohio State University on October 29, eleven out of fourteen questions asked were from Groypers. They asked questions such as "Can you prove that our white European ideals will be maintained if the country is no longer made up of white European descendants?" and "How does anal sex help us win the culture war?", the latter referring to Rob Smith[30], the other speaker at the event and a major contributor to TPUSA, who is a self-proclaimed "gay conservative". One question was disguised as a lighthearted comment suggesting that everyone Google "dancing Israelis", which actually refers to the 'misnomer first introduced by father of 9/11 hijacker Mohammad Atta Mohamed Al Amir Atta.'[31] Another "question" mentioned the often favorite repeated talking point by White Supremacists, the USS Liberty.

Another Turning Point USA event targeted was a promo event for Donald Trump Jr.'s book, Triggered, featuring himself, Kirk, and his wife Kimberly Guilfoyle at the University of California, Los Angeles, in November of 2019. Anticipating further Groyper questions, they announced that the Q&A portion was cancelled, eliciting heckling and boos from the audience. The overwhelming disruptions eventually forced them to cut the event short and leave after only 30 minutes, when it was originally scheduled to last for two hours.[32]

Attendance at January 6

Fuentes was among the individuals who attended the January 6 Capitol protests. He claims that he didn't go inside the Capitol, but that he was on the lawn of the Capitol. Prior to the protest, he spoke to a crowd supporters at the Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C., stating:

"It is us and our ancestors that created everything good that you see in this country. All these people that have taken over our country—we do not need them. ... It is the American people, and our leader, Donald Trump, against everybody else in this country and this world... Our Founding Fathers would get in the streets, and they would take this country back by force if necessary. And that is what we must be prepared to do."[33]

Like other FBI informants, Fuentas has not been arrested and charged yet by the Biden DOJ.[34]

December 2022 dinner

In a story that went viral, Nick Fuentes was involved in food fight at an In N Out burger in Los Angeles in December 2022. A couple, upset by his outrageous conducted, allegedly tossed a ketchup condiment at him. Fuentes retaliated by throwing a large, full soft drink cup, missing the couple by hitting and drenching innocent bystanders.[35]

Dinner with Trump and Ye

Across the spectrum, including noted Republicans denounced Trump's dinner with Fuentes/Ye in Oct/2022.[36]

It was rejected overwhelmingly by Americans. 80% in fact.[37]

Trump says he was duped by Ye and had reacted with singer at Ye. Some say that Trump's meeting With Kanye was planned to 'make Trump's life miserable' and the plan worked.[38]

Alex Jones' reaction to Fuentes/Ye Hitler fetish

Following Kanye West's outbursts - Hitler fetish and Nick Fuentes' Alex Jones went to war with both over ‘homoerotic’ Hitler fascination.[39]

Censorship and deplatforming

In July of 2021, Fuentes was banned from Twitter. This sparked backlash from many conservatives on social media, including mainstream conservatives, who took his side despite previously condemning him. This includes Ben Shapiro, whom Fuentes had previously feuded with, and in 2019, tried to confront outside of a Turning Point USA conference in Florida over a 45-minute speech Shapiro had given about him.[40] Fuentes received criticism for the confrontation, as Shapiro was with his family. Shapiro used his statement on Fuentes' ban to simultaneously attack Fuentes' views and defend his right to a public platform.

In December 2021, Alt-tech site Gettr banned Fuentes, as well as the use of the term "Groyper" in posts. Fuentes responded, “What is the point of a free-speech alternative to Twitter...that doesn’t even honor free speech?” [41][42]

In January 2022, the Pelosi Panel subpoenaed him along with Patrick Casey in an attempt to get him to testify before Congress.[43] Fuentes denied to testify unless it was televised.

As he states,

In the process of doing all of this I have lost every friend I had in my home town, I have been doxed, threatened, blacklisted, targeted by Left and Right Wing journalists, banned from every bank and every major social media platform, I’ve been put on a federal no fly list and even though I have made small fortune, I had a large percentage of it seized by the federal government. Hit pieces have been written about me in the Washington Post, New York Times, Time Magazine and aired on MSNBC, Fox News, MTV, BBC, and Vice. I have been named as a personal enemy by Ben Shapiro, Steve Bannon, Kevin McCarthy, and Charlie Kirk. My name cannot be uttered on Fox News and people have lost their jobs for being photographed next to me.[44]

In May of 2022, Fuentes shared a photo aboard a plane and announced that he had been taken off the No-fly list.[45]


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