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White nationalism is a movement that believes in the survival of, and the creation of a separate, segregated homeland whose membership would be contingent on ethnicity - white, European/American ethnicity, to be precise.

It shouldn't (but does by the unscrupulous) refer to nationalists who happen to be white and/or are merely interested in what concerns white people as group; like any nationalists in republics with extended democratic features and that support extending their democratic features within their country without discrimination (or is erasing the consequences of such) to all races or colors including themselves, they are really simply "civic nationalists".

Its supporters claim that it is not a sanitised face for the white supremacist movement,[1] claiming that while supremacist advocate political and social dominance for whites, nationalists believe only in separatism. This view is challenged by many anti-racist groups, such as the SPLC,[2] and Searchlight.

The anti-Nazi activities of the Jewish Defense Organization, including publishing the names, addresses and telephone numbers of white nationalists online, has caused many such groups to close.

In response to groups such as Searchlight publishing the names and addresses of White Nationalists a website called redwatch was established to publish the personal details of self-styled "anti-fascists". This has attracted criticism from the BBC, amongst others.

It is believed that a left-wing trade union activist, Alec McFadden, was stabbed as a result of his name and address appearing on Redwatch.

The proportion of white nationalists to the rest of the population was very well represented by the Unite the Right 2 rally in Charlottesville, Virgina, and Washington, D.C. in August 2018, which contained 30 white nationalist protesters and thousands of counter-protesters.

However, conservatives have often been falsely accused of being white nationalists by leftist globalists. For example, the SPLC accused Stephen Miller of being a white nationalist for opposing DACA.[3] MSNBC referred to protesters at a January 2020 Virginia gun rally as white nationalists.[4]

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