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Mainstream conservatives is a term sometimes used to describe those whose political views fall between those of establishment conservatives and movement conservatives on the political spectrum.

Generally, mainstream conservatives are not Never Trumpers, although they might still disagree with some of his policies and his rhetoric.[1] While movement conservatives take consistently conservative stances on issues, promoting individual freedom and opposing government power, mainstream conservatives generally support "free" trade and criminal justice reform; they also believe that populists support big government. Mainstream conservatives, however, are not RINOs, as they still take many right-wing (though non-populist) stances and support most of Trump's policies (RINOs will support few or none). Mainstream conservatives are not nationalists, but they are still patriotic. Mainstream conservatives include owner of the Daily Wire Ben Shapiro, who has acknowledged the existence of Never Trumpers, although he believes they are small in quantity, and comedian Steven Crowder, who has made jokes at the expense of both Donald Trump and, especially Bernie Sanders, criticized populism for supposedly supporting big government, referred to Never Trump RINO Shepard Smith as a "libertarian," and, in response to the chanting of President Donald Trump's name, which was itself a response to leftist heckling, during a free speech presentation at a university where Christina Hoff Sommers and Milo Yiannopoulos were also speaking, said, "I don't like Trump, but I love that."

Mainstream conservatives may differ from movement conservatives on certain policies and on attitudes toward President Trump, but they carry themselves with much more respect than establishment conservatives. However, since there are very few mainstream conservative politicians, mainstream conservatives generally vote for establishment conservatives. For example, Ben Shapiro endorsed Ted Cruz, and some non-RINO political commentators at Fox News endorsed Marco Rubio.

Mainstream conservatives, however, are not anti-establishment, but are generally oblivious to its presence. They understand that there is a left-wing bias in the mainstream media, for instance, but they do not understand that these problems come from both the left and the right, that the GOP is in fact just as corrupt and elitist as the Democrat Party, and that Fox News Channel is, in fact, an establishment GOP echo chamber.

Mainstream conservatives, like everyone else, were astounded by President Trump's electoral victory.