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Pinesap is an American Conservative Catholic Popesplainer who has gained popularity among fellow faith people on Instagram and X. He is Gen Z.

He is in favor of the Social Reign of Jesus Christ, believes in the abolishment of the separation between of Church and State as the Catholic Traditional doctrine states. He sees Faith as a Public Matter and criticizes Protestants for having a "private" way of viewing faith.

He is an American Patriot who considers that the Catholic Church is the only true Church of Jesus Christ (founded by Him) and is in favor of converting the United States of America into Catholicism, rejecting Liberalism and other Enlightened doctrines that go against the Catholic one.

He describes himself as WASC (White Anglo-Saxon Catholic) or WASP with other meaning (White Anglo-Saxon Papist).

He also defends the Crusades and the Inquisition and is a huge critic of the state of "Israel" and Zionism.

He was formerly an Anglican and had a conversion journey.

He debated on a livestream with the Protestant, Redeemed Zoomer, once.


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He defends Pope Francis from defamation and attacks, by asserting he is more attached to Catholic tradition than the Mass Media and Sedevacantists say.

He likes Traditional Latin Mass as well as Novus Ordo Mass and is a critic of Taylor Marshall.