Conservative of the Year 2016

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Phyllis Schlafly won Conservative of the Year 2016.

The Winner

  • Phyllis Schlafly, to honor one of the greatest Americans to live; also, for laying the groundwork for Trump's 2016 victory; for securing a more conservative Republican Party; for her years of boldly presenting her conservative views without compromise or watering-down

First Runner-Up

  • Donald Trump, for being elected U.S. president in an historic landslide, winning several states a Republican had not won in decades; for standing up against political correctness, open borders, free trade deals, and the media; for appointing one of the most conservative cabinets in U.S. history; for breaking leftist precedents and being bold in a way that previous Republicans would never have even thought of doing.

Other Runners-Up

  • Roy Moore, for standing up against the homosexual agenda
  • Dan Patrick, for being a solid, principled conservative, standing up to Barack Obama's "directive" over transgender policy,[1] and continuing to oppose the homosexual agenda and support commonsense legislation even when the other GOP Texas leaders are too scared to follow suit[2]
  • Nigel Farage, for accomplishing his life goal of getting the UK out of the socialist, globalist EU. Also, he is not afraid to associate himself with Donald Trump.
  • Antonin Scalia, in honor of the late, great conservative Supreme Court justice
  • Center for Medical Progress, for exposing Planned Parenthood and their sale of human body parts.
  • Judicial Watch, for their non-stop battle against the corruption occurring in the Obama administration, and for especially exposing the email scandal of Hillary Clinton
  • James O’Keefe, and his Project Veritas for exposing Democrat voting fraud.
  • Matt Drudge, for his Drudge Report website dominating news cycles and overcoming the daily MSM narrative.
  • West Virginia GOP, for passing right to work and additional gun rights, and repealing prevailing wage, all over the governor's veto, among other accomplishments, also for having almost 70% of the population vote for Donald Trump and winning additional offices throughout the state[3]
  • Wisconsin GOP, for having its best election year in decades. Donald Trump became the first Republican presidential nominee since 1984 to win the state, conservative U.S. Senator Ron Johnson won the state in a surprise victory, and the GOP won the largest majorities in the legislature since 1957.[4]
  • Donald Trump's cabinet, for being one of the most conservative cabinets in U.S. history, and likely even more conservative than Reagan's ever was.
  • Viktor Orbán, Hungary's leader opposes open border scheme by the EU.