Conservative of the Year 2018

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Nominations are being accepted for the Conservative of the Year 2018. For each nominee, also state a short reason why.


  • Donald Trump — for his many achievements to date on pro-life issues, judges, immigration, trade, preserving American sovereignty, and other issues, and for advancing numerous conservative causes, America First policies, and fighting political correctness (see Donald Trump achievements).
  • Jair Bolsonaro — a very strong and consistent conservative who was elected president of one of the largest countries in the world in both size and population
  • Brett Kavanaugh — surviving the Left’s smears against him (see Kavanaugh smear)
  • Viktor Orbán — for his massive re-election victory and strong stance on immigration and other issues
  • Matteo Salvini — for his strong stance on immigration and other issues and for getting into the Italian government
  • Steve King — a strong conservative voice who refused to back down in the face of unfair media criticism and won re-election despite those smears
  • Tucker Carlson — for being one of the few voices on TV advocating for consistently conservative policies
  • Ann Coulter — Strong immigration positions
  • Rand Paul — for taking principled stances on numerous issues, including single-handedly shutting the government down because of spending
  • Alternative for Germany — for its continued growth and making it into every German state parliament[1][2]
  • Dave Brat and Kris Kobach — though both lost their respective elections this year, they held strongly to conservative principles and already have accomplished careers
  • John Bolton — for his appointment as National Security Advisor, and using that position to support American sovereignty and oppose the War on Sovereignty
  • Jeff Sessions — while having some flaws, he worked hard to implement President Trump's immigration priorities[3]
  • Project Veritas — for its work uncovering deep state members in the executive branch, providing evidence of voter fraud in Texas, and other work
  • Texas GOP — for winning every statewide race once again and maintaining full control of the state's top two courts, despite stronger-than-usual left-wing opposition