Conservative of the Year 2018

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Winner: Donald Trump — for his many achievements to date on pro-life issues, judges, immigration, trade, preserving American sovereignty, and other issues, and for advancing numerous conservative causes, America First policies, and fighting political correctness. Has number of followers on Twitter of 43% of the enumeration of the entire conservative population in the United States (see Donald Trump achievements)

First runner-up: Jair Bolsonaro — a very strong and consistent conservative who was elected president of Brazil -- one of the largest countries in the world in both size and population

Other runners-up:

  • Viktor Orbán — for his massive re-election victory and strong stance on immigration and other issues, in George Soros's homeland
  • Matteo Salvini — for his strong stance on immigration and other issues and for getting into the Italian government
  • Sarah Sanders — for graciously dealing daily with a hostile and self-centered White House press corps. And for maintaining a press in her own right on social media accounts with a circulation of about twice the size of the New York Times (with about 1.2 million new followers in 2018) that supports President Trump and American traditions.
  • Rep. Jim Jordan — for his work in exposing Obama FBI/DOJ corruption
  • Judicial Watch — the only conservative organization to consistently get results by exposing government wrongdoing.
  • Project Veritas — for its work uncovering deep state members in the executive branch, providing evidence of voter fraud in Texas, and other work
  • Steve King — a strong conservative voice who refused to back down in the face of unfair media criticism and won re-election despite those smears
  • Roger Stone, Jerry Corsi, and Lt. General Michael T. Flynn — all for resisting the Mueller coup, exposing its wrongdoing and risking prison rather than telling lies, and standing up and speaking out
  • Melania Trump — for remaining the first pro-life First Lady, for standing strong against media smears, and for fully supporting Donald
  • Andrzej Duda — the immensely popular president of Poland who has repeatedly stood up against liberals in the European Union, particularly on the migration issue
  • Nigel Farage — for his leadership in the anti-globalist, Eurosceptic, and Brexit movements.
  • Scott Morrisonconservative prime minister of Australia, beginning Aug. 24, 2018, who courageously challenges the transgender agenda
  • Tucker Carlson — for being one of the few voices on TV advocating for consistently conservative policies. With the support of his new prime-time Fox News program and his trade-marked quizzical looks on hearing conventional liberal opinions from his guests on the split-screen, he increased the number of his Twitter followers by about 930,000
  • Ann Coulter — Strong immigration positions
  • Rand Paul — for taking principled stances on numerous issues, including single-handedly shutting the government down because of spending
  • Alternative for Germany — for its continued growth and making it into every German state parliament[1][2]
  • Turning Point USA — To borrow a category from the entertainment industry, Turning Point USA featured two "break-out stars" on Twitter, founder Charlie Kirk (about 564,000 new followers in 2018) and his protégé Candace Owens (more than 634,000 new followers in 2018). They have earned the respect of their conservative media colleagues, hosting the Student Action Summit USA featuring conservative advocates Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Dinesh D'Souza and Tucker Carlson.
  • Dave Brat and Kris Kobach — though both lost their respective elections this year, they held strongly to conservative principles and already have accomplished careers
  • John Bolton — for his appointment as National Security Advisor, and using that position to support American sovereignty and oppose the War on Sovereignty
  • Jeff Sessions — while having some flaws, he worked hard to implement President Trump's immigration priorities[3]