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Tentative Rank Name Achievements Comments
1 2012 Summer Olympics participants The inspiring athletes are overwhelmingly conservative and outspoken in their Christian faith; displayed conservative lifestyles, charity, and patriotism. Moved to number 1 because their values and work ethic were so exemplary. Why can't underachieving atheists learn from this?
2 Governor Scott Walker took on and triumphed over liberals in Wisconsin, including signing new pro-life legislation into law, rejecting the ObamaCare health insurance exchanges, and curbing Leftist early voting. Why can't more Republican governors be like Walker?
3 Rep. Ron Paul gained support, particularly among young people, for his conservative ideas, from auditing the Federal Reserve to reducing foreign interventionalism; did well in his campaign for president If Romney had welcomed Paul rather than shun him, Romney may have won
4 Rep. Todd Akin stood up to media bullying and remained a strong prolife advocate despite the demands by pro-aborts for him to cave in. Set a high standard for principles in politics, and exposed the RINO Backers in the process.
5 Dan Cathy CEO of Chick-Fil-A; He stood strong in defense of God's laws as a campaign of liberal hate made him nationwide news. Set franchise sales records as the chain was rewarded by the public
6 Rep. Paul Ryan excellent Vice Presidential candidate; spokesman for fiscal conservatives in Congress Did more for the Republican brand than anyone else in 2012
7 Greg Abbott Attorney General of Texas who repeatedly rejected the pro-abortion and other liberal policies of the Obama Administration, leading as many as 16 lawsuits against Obama's unjustified policies Abbott has overcome a personal disability that confines him to a wheelchair.
8 Richard Mourdock Treasurer of the State of Indiana. His sincere, logical answer to a question at the debate for the U.S. Senate seat for Indiana caused him to lose due to liberal demagoguery He put logic and personal faith above public approval, passing a test that so many fail.
9 Victoria Jackson The former Saturday Night Live star who is an effective conservative commentator In 2012, Victoria Jackson outshined the RINO Backers.
10 Tim Tebow conservative quarterback who led his team to a spectacular playoff upset of the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers in January unfairly denied another real opportunity since his stunning victory over the Steelers, Tebow handled the inhuman treatment by the liberal media with charm and grace
11 Dinesh D'Souza His film 2016: Obama's America became the second highest box office success for a political documentary in history.[1] His documentary relied exclusively on using Obama's own words, the liberal media ignoring the film's existence couldn't stop its success.
12 Australian Queensland Premier Campbell Newman The leader of the Liberal National Party in Queensland who won government from the reigning Labor party by taking 78 out of a possible 89, leaving Labor with just 7 seats. He also broke the public service unions and put in legislation to make the government live within its means.
13 Park Geun-hye Conservative leader of the Saenuri Party in South Korea, Park Geun-hye became the first woman president in its nation's history.[1] Underreported by the liberal media because they oppose conservative women leaders
14 Shinzo Abe Led the conservative Liberal Democratic Party to victory in Japan's elections for its lower house.[1] Japan is an essential ally against communist China's growing aggression.
15 Wayne LaPierre Executive VP of National Rife Association defended gun rights after Sandy Hook Led spirited defense of Second Amendment in the face of RINO defections on Gun rights

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