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Media bullying is aggressive bias often employed by the liberal media in the attempt to influence a candidate, a politician, an institution, and even sports contestants or private citizens. In some cases, the victim's opponents use the media in a calculated fashion to frame an issue in a light unfavorable to the victim.

Examples of media bullying include:

  • an all-out media effort to force Indiana to repeal its religious liberty law, because the law might interfere with the homosexual agenda
  • causing Governor Jan Brewer to fly back to Arizona in order to appease the homosexual agenda by vetoing a bill that protects religious liberty
  • scaring a family saved by George Zimmerman from even saying thank you in public[1][2]
  • caused the Kansas board in charge of balloting to back down within 48 hours from its objection to the lack of proof of Obama's citizenship
  • caused RINOs to cancel the first 36 hours of the Republican National Convention in August 2012, an unprecedented capitulation, lest the media blame Republicans for supposedly being indifferent to a hurricane's (relatively modest) forecasted effects
  • trying to force conservative Todd Akin to pull out of the key U.S. Senate race in Missouri in August 2012
  • trying to force Hillary Clinton to pull out of the Democratic primary in 2008
  • consistently holding Sarah Palin to an unfairly high standard while giving a pass to liberal candidates
  • forcing Queen Elizabeth to give a special public eulogy for the media favorite Princess Diana, who had been estranged from the royal family
  • imposing strict gun control in Britain and Australia by creating an hysteria from over-publicized and isolated incidents in the 1990s
  • forcing President Lyndon Baines Johnson to not pursue a second term by falsely reporting the Tet Offensive by implying the Vietcong won the offensive instead of the Americans
  • ridiculing Vice President Dan Quayle for his supposed gaffes, in contrast with downplaying gaffes by liberals
  • forcing President Richard Nixon to resign for covering up a scandal, in contrast with defending President Bill Clinton's covering up a scandal
  • sex abuse in public schools is worse than in religious institutions, yet the media constantly bullies religious (especially Catholic) officials about it
  • the media bullies the competitors of Tiger Woods in every major golf contest
  • the media portrays Paris Hilton as dumb, but she's no dumber than other Hollywood figures
  • the media bullied airships into terminating service by creating an unjustified hysteria based on the Hindenburg accident