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Here are the top conservatives of the year for 2015:

Tentative Rank Name Achievements Comments
1 Republican primary voters for remaining strong in an overwhelming rejection of the liberal media, including the Fox News Channel, and in repudiating the Establishment
2 Jim Jordan for leading the conservative movement against the RINOs in the House, including strong advocacy against Planned Parenthood at a congressional hearing and alert criticism of the expansion of visas in the spending bill also a Greatest Conservative Sports Star
3 Donald Trump for his standing up against the liberal media and his courageous conservative advocacy as a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, including his strong criticism of Hillary Clinton and illegal immigration but he is weak in opposing the homosexual agenda, and might quit the race early if voters reject him in some states
4 Mark Meadows filed the motion to oust RINO John Boehner from Speaker of the House, which led to Boehner's resignation
5 Ben Carson stood his ground for conservative values despite intensely unfair criticism by the liberal media, which loathes black conservatives
6 Roy Moore Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who stood up for state sovereignty and against federal judicial supremacy over marriage.
7 Mike Huckabee for his leadership against judicial supremacy, and in standing up for Kim Davis and against the homosexual agenda
8 Andrzej Duda Member of the conservative party "Law and Justice," won the presidential elections of Poland in 2015
9 Matt Bevin for standing up for Kim Davis in Kentucky, and then winning the governorship in a stunning upset
10 Center for Medical Progress for exposing Planned Parenthood's real conduct with undercover videoed interviews
11 Lance Berkman one of the Greatest Conservative Sports Stars, he spoke out against the pro-homosexual Houston ordinance and helped defeat it by a landslide in a referendum
12 Memories Pizza A small business targeted for destruction by the liberal media after standing up for their Christian beliefs at the expense of the homosexual agenda.
13 Ted Cruz reliably and consistently pushes for conservative values nationwide
14 Synod of Bishops 2015 for convening at the Vatican and then rejecting liberal demands to weaken Roman Catholic Church opposition to homosexuality
15 Sam Brownback the Governor of Kansas issued an executive order rescinding special entitlements previously granted for the homosexual agenda
16 Judicial Watch time and time again, this organization hits the Obama administration where it the courts.
17 the people of Slovenia for defeating same-sex marriage by a landslide vote of 63-37% in a referendum

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