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Donald Trump was named the Conservative of the Year 2017.

The Winner

  • Donald Trump, for strongly pursuing conservative and pro-American policies (including on judges, immigration, abortion, religious liberty, trade, sovereignty, Jerusalem, and deregulation) and going against the Left and political correctness (See Donald Trump achievements).

First Runner-Up

  • Steve Bannon, for his efforts both inside and outside the White House in making sure President Trump pursues his campaign promises and in helping conservatives defeat RINOs in primaries for Congress.

Other Runners-Up

  • The New American and its parent organization, the John Birch Society, for solidly standing for conservative, pro-American, and limited government values, including American sovereignty; its reporting and shedding light on the globalist deep state and its agenda; and for holding the Trump Administration accountable to its promises and calling it out when failing to do so or adhering to the globalist agenda of his predecessors.
  • Roy Moore, for holding fast to Christian conservative principles in his run for U.S. Senator, and also for his incredible strength, refusing to bow down to the establishment when pressured to drop out of the special Senate election due to unproven 40-year-old allegations.
  • Breitbart News (led by Bannon), for supporting President Trump's conservative agenda and holding the administration accountable for its campaign promises
  • Jim Hoft, publisher of The Gateway Pundit news website, for consistently being the leader on the Right as other self-described websites occasionally falter and cave
  • Scott Pruitt, for his efforts in ending the many Obama-era EPA regulations
  • Viktor Orbán and his conservative Hungarian government, for advocating strong conservative positions on immigration, sovereignty, and Christian values in the face of EU and globalist opposition
  • Poland's conservative government (including Beata Szydło, Andrzej Duda, and Mateusz Morawiecki[1]), for defending Poland's Christian heritage and autonomy in defiance of pressure from the EU and globalists
  • Rep. Steve King, for strongly advocating against illegal immigration and for other conservative values in Congress, including the pro-life position.
  • Jim Jordan, Ron DeSantis, and other U.S. House Republicans, for fighting to uncover FBI and DOJ corruption regarding Clinton, Comey, Mueller, and others
  • Joe Arpaio, honoring him for his 50 years of service to his nation, including leading the fight against illegal immigration – President Trump also recognized him for his service when he pardoned Arpaio in August
  • Mike Pence, for steadfastly holding to conservative principles, backing other solid conservatives, and proudly holding to his faith despite opposition
  • Moira Greyland Peat, for publishing her groundbreaking book "The Last Closet"
  • Jack Phillips, for holding to his faith in the landmark legal case on whether businesses have the right to refuse service for religious reasons, which he has been thrown into.
  • David Daleiden, for continuing his courageous advocacy on behalf of the unborn
  • Andrew Turner, former British MP, for refusing to support the LGBT agenda even though it cost him his career

Downgraded from consideration


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