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Mateusz Morawiecki (born June 20, 1968) is a Polish economist, historian, and politician who has served as Prime Minister of Poland since 2017. A member of Jarosław Kaczyński's Law and Justice party, he has promoted conservative populist policies at home and neoconservative policies abroad.

Under Morawiecki's leadership, Poland has become a breeding ground for CIA/Deep State-backed efforts to bring about regime change in countries like Russia and Belarus.[1][2] These actions have directly contributed to the ongoing border crisis between Poland and Belarus, which in turn has the potential to start a Third World War.

It is becoming increasingly likely that Morawiecki will be a major player on behalf of the Deep State in a war between Russia and Ukraine.

In April 2022, Morawiecki indirectly compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler in response to Emmanuel Macron pursuing a diplomatic solution to the Russia-Ukraine war.[3] His government also stated it was open to hosting American nuclear weapons right on Russia's border.[4] His government also touts Volodymyr Zelensky as the "leader of the free world".[5]

Speaking at the Warsaw Permanent Working Review Conference for Ukrainian Support on February 5, 2023 Morawieckisaid, "Poland is ready to take responsibility for shaping the New World Order."[1]