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Tripleboot.jpeg This user has the awesome power of a triple boot setup!
Use: {{User tripleboot}}
C This user is a C coder.
Use: {{User C}}
Floss draft.png
This user supports free software.
Use: {{User free software}}
This user runs a Mac-based system.
Use: {{User apple mac}}
This user is a die-hard Amiga fan.
Use: {{User amiga}}
This user runs a Linux-based system.
Use: {{User linux}}
This user runs a Windows-based system.
Use: {{User windows}}
code This user is a coder.
Use: {{User coder}}
This user is a student in HTML and can be found HTML'n.
Use: {{User HTML}}
This user has an email account with his own domain name.
Use: {{User Own mail}}
comp-0 This user hates computers.
Use: {{User comp-0}}
comp-1 This user is rather indifferent to computers, and their computer literacy is probably approximately 0.
Use: {{User comp-1}}
comp-2 This user thinks that computers are acceptably useful, and gets small enjoyment from using them.
Use: {{User comp-2}}
comp-3 This user thinks computers are quite useful.
Use: {{User comp-3}}
comp-4 This user greatly enjoys computers.
Use: {{User comp-4}}
comp-5 This user loves computers, and uses them so much that they are having trouble determining whether they're a human or a computer.
Use: {{User comp-5}}
comp-5 This user can hug their computer, and feel loved.
Use: {{User comp-5 v2}}
comp-6 All Teh Internets Are Belong to This User
Use: {{User comp-6}}
CISCO This user is CISCO certified
Use: {{User Cisco}}