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Conservapedia was inaugurated on November 21, 2006, so November 21 is Conservapedia Day, when we celebrate the achievements of this project.

Suggestions for ways of celebrating Conservapedia Day

  • an improvement competition, to start on November 21
  • a poetry competition, subject Conservapedia
  • announcement of the first Conservapedia Awards?
  • have a virtual party
  • mention on social media websites
  • press release
  • Announce new sysop(s).
  • a keynote article on the achievements of Conservapedia over its first years.
  • A statistical analysis of the growth, accomplishments, and major contributors.
  • The top-scoring online student could be named and profiled on the Main Page
  • an essay competition, open to the homeschool classes, on a topic to be suggested here. The winning entry to be 'front-paged'.