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Poetry is the most compressed form of literature. It is composed of carefully chosen words expressing great depth of meaning. Poetry uses specific devices such as connotation, alliteration, and rhythm to express the appropriate combination of meaning and emotion.

There are two basic types of poetry:

  • traditional - poetry that follows standard rules of grammar and syntax with a regular rhythm and rhyme scheme. This practice, in abeyance for the past century, is currently being revived, as exemplified by The Society of Classical Poets.
  • modern - avoids rhyme and standard grammatical organization and seeks new ways of expression. The majority of this type of verse today tends to take the form of Progressive Poetry that espouses leftist propaganda and mistakenly associates formlessness with social democratic values.

There are many poems written about the important parts of life, and there are names for poems with these subjects:

  • epithalamium - a poem that celebrates a wedding
  • elegy - a poem that remembers the dead
  • pastoral - a poem describing the joys or sorrows of living close to nature and away from the city
  • love - a poem filled with expressions of joy, despair, passion, or unrequited love.

All that we see or seem

Is but a dream within a dream. A Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allan Poe

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