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Constitution 201 is a free online course offered by Hillsdale College which details how Progressivism rejects the Constitution and Separation of Powers, and places primacy on the Administrative State and unelected bureaucrats.

The course, which has the full name of "The Progressive Rejection of the Founding and the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism", is broken up into 10 parts. The topic covered is presented by Hillsdale's faculty of professors, all of which hold a Ph.D in their field.[1] The presenters are: Larry P. Arnn, Ronald J. Pestritto, Thomas G. West, William Morrisey, Kevin Portteus, and John W. Grant.

  • The Founders’ Constitution and the Challenge of Progressivism
  • Woodrow Wilson and the Rejection of the Founders’ Principles
  • Woodrow Wilson and the Rejection of the Founders’ Constitution
  • Overview: Founders vs. Progressives
  • FDR’s New Bill of Rights
  • Total Regulation: LBJ’s Great Society
  • The Transformation of America’s Political Institutions
  • Post-1960s Progressivism
  • Case Study: Religious Liberty in the Administrative State
  • Restoring Constitutional Government

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