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Cosmic Humanism, also called the New Age Movement is a pantheistic religion and worldview. Cosmic Humanism claims that humanity must evolve into the New Age by realizing their godhood.[1] Cosmic Humanists use a wide variety of occult means in their effort to attain this higher consciousness, resulting in a movement described as metaphysical or paranormal.[2]

"The New Age an extremely large, loosely structured network of organizations and individuals bound together by common values (based in mysticism and monism—the world view that 'all is one') and a common vision (a coming 'new age' of peace and mass enlightenment, the 'Age of Aquarius')."
[A]ll New Agers believe that 'all is one'—everything that exists consists of one and the same essence or reality. A second assumption is that this Ultimate Reality is neither dead matter nor unconscious energy. It is Being, Awareness, and Bliss (which is to say, a Hindu conception of God as an impersonal, infinite consciousness and force).

The first two assumptions imply two more: all that is, is God (which is pantheism); and man, a part of 'all that is,' is likewise divine...." [3]

This doctrine is a cornerstone of Mormon theology. In June of 1840, fifth LDS President Lorenzo Snow declared, “As man is, God once was; as God is, man may become.” [4]

Ancient sites such as Stonehenge are important to Cosmic Humanists

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