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A person's worldview is a person's "big picture" view/framework that is based on his various views concerning ultimate reality.

It is commonly used to describe an individual's set of beliefs which affect the way they see and respond to the world.

The term originated in 1858 from a translation of the German philosophical term Weltanschauung, but was popularized by globalists in the late 20th century.[Citation Needed]

One's worldview is often closely tied to one's theological beliefs. For example, Islam and Christianity affirm moral absolutes and creationism because of their beliefs in the existence of God. In contrast, Secular Humanists, Marxists, and Postmodernists are forced to accept moral relativism and the theory of evolution by their atheism. See also: Atheist worldview

Changing an individual's worldview can prove difficult, even if that worldview is misguided or irrational, because these beliefs are ingrained at a fundamental level. Some people can become hostile or upset if their worldview is challenged, because it leads to doubt and the removal of comforting certainties about the world and their own actions and life choices.

Some major worldviews are: Christianity, Islam, Marxism, New Age Movement, Humanism, and Postmodernism, and Unificationism.