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This is perhaps the most intelligent sentence on the whole of conservapedia

Changing an individual's worldview can prove difficult, even if that worldview is misguided or irrational, because these beliefs are ingrained at a fundamental level. Some people can become hostile or upset if their worldview is challenged, because it leads to doubt and the removal of comforting certainties about the world and their own actions and life choices.

The question remains: is creationism, backed by a single outdated book misguided or irrational, or is it evolution, backed by all real science? Ban me to prove that I'm right because I just challenged your irrational worldview and you respond hostile.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by PeterZ (talk)

We don't ban people for different viewpoints. Is the Bible one book or is it a collection of books? Evolution is backed by science, but real science? Naw, it is an incomplete theory that needs more than scientific approval. It needs proof and the missing link has yet to be found.--Jpatt 10:49, 23 August 2010 (EDT)
Without prejudice to the issue, are you talking about Young Earth Creationism, or about Creationism in general? (Do you know the difference? Many evolution advocates do not, or - what's worse - deliberately blur the distinction.) --Ed Poor Talk 20:45, 23 August 2010 (EDT)