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Counterexamples to materialism

Materialism cannot explain nature's beauty.

See: Argument from beauty

Counterexamples to materialism include:

  1. Homing conduct by many birds
  2. Migratory conduct by butterflies
  3. Action-at-a-distance in physics
  4. Animals fleeing to high ground in anticipation of a tsunami[1]
  5. The origin of life[2]
  6. Human consciousness[3] (see: Atheism and consciousness)
  7. Nature's beauty (see: Argument from beauty)
  8. Prime number identification among large numbers quickly by some people who cannot do basic arithmetic
  9. Origin of the universe.[4][5] (See: Atheism and the origin of the universe)
  10. Materialism can't account for the existence of the laws of logic.[6][7] (See: Atheism and logic)
  11. Exorcisms with accompanying supernatural events that are visible such as supernaturally moving objects (See: Demonic possession)
  12. Stigmata
  13. Demonically haunted houses with supernatural events that defy a natural explanation
  14. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy in a twin[8]
  15. Extraordinary acts of good that defy a plausible physical explanation, such as a grandmother lifting a car to save a child.[9]
  16. biorhythms, whereby some people become very sleepy, very alert, or experience particular anxiety at approximately the same time on the clock each day.

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