Counterexamples to Obama being a Muslim

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Few Muslims eat pork and drink alcohol as the Koran does not permit some forms of it. Obama has eaten spam and has drank beer - as some Muslims have.

There are a number of counterexamples to Obama being a Muslim.

Obama's public eating of pork and drinking of alcohol

Barack Obama has been seen eating pork (Spam) and drinking alcohol. [1][2] Very few Muslims eat pork and drink alcohol as the Koran does not permit it (Koran 2:173; 2:219; 5:90-91; 6:118-119,121).

Rebuttal: many Muslims are not opposed to all alcoholic drinks. Only certain kinds are prohibited.

Obama administration and the homosexual agenda

Obama and the Obama administration has aggressively promoted the homosexual agenda via public policy and public statements. There is not a single Muslim country in the world that permits the homosexual agenda to be promoted.

The Koran has anti-homosexuality passages (Koran 7:80-81; 26:165) and so does the Hadith. Amongst Islamic scholars, there is a consensus that homosexuality is unnatural and sinful. There are Islamic countries that have anti-homosexuality laws - including the death penalty.

Obama, liberal Christianity and liberalism

For many years, Obama attended a liberal Christianity church of a liberal Protestant variety which taught liberation theology. His daughter was baptised in this church.

For public view, Obama took his oath of office using two Bibles. Not a Koran

In the real private ceremony in which Obama took the oath of office in 2009, he did not use a Bible. It was only for public, ceremonial view that he used two Bibles.

According to Fox News, "President Obama is putting a symbolic twist on a time-honored tradition, taking the oath of office for his second term with his hand placed not on a single Bible, but two -- one owned by Martin Luther King Jr. and one by Abraham Lincoln. "[3]

Liberal Christianity does utilize the Bible in their religion (although they commonly believe it has errors) and commonly have Bibles in their churches, while Islam does not use the Bible in their religious observances and so mosques do not commonly have Bibles inside them. Muslims believe the Bible is partly a revelation from God, but a lot of the Bible has been corrupted.

Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison was not sworn in using a Bible

In November 2006, Democrat Keith Ellison, Muslim, won election to the House as a representative of his Minnesota congressional district. He became the first Muslim member of Congress. Although he planned on using a Koran to take his oath of office, he ultimately used no book to be sworn into office.[4]

Liberal Christianity and religious syncretism and universalism

Obama is a liberal. Liberals often practice religious syncretism and are often universalists (or near universalists) who believe that there are many religious roads to heaven and few if any people go to Hell. So while Obama may be sympathetic to Islam due to his upbringing as a child, this does not necessarily mean he is a Muslim.

Liberal Christianity is for same-sex marriages

Liberal Christianity is for same-sex marriages, or at least does not consider homosexuality a sin. As noted above, Obama has promoted the homosexual agenda.

Liberals are often anti-Israel

While it is true that Muslims are commonly anti-Israel, leftists/liberals are also frequently anti-Israel.

Staunch liberalism and Obama's absence at Scalia's and Nancy Reagan's funerals

Obama has consistently showed himself to the be a staunch liberal and is arguably the farthest left president the United States has ever had. Unlike Ronald Reagan who had a cordial relationship with Tip O'Neil, Obama rarely engages in bipartisanship and rarely (if ever) fraternizes with conservatives and frequently expresses loathing of conservatives/conservatism.

Obama's absence at the funerals of Antonin Scalia and Nancy Reagan is best explained by his antipathy towards conservatives and not antipathy to those who call themselves Christians.[5]

Obama's attendance at Christian funerals

Obama has attended funerals where the departed had professed to be Christians during their lifetimes.[6]

Obama openly wept at the funeral of Senator Daniel Inouye who was a United Methodist

He openly wept at the funeral of Senator Daniel Inouye who was a United Methodist (Some United Methodists practice theological liberalism while others are religious conservatives).[7][8]

Obama and Muslims praying five times a day

Muslims pray five times a day.[9] While there have been negative reports about Obama and previous U.S. President from former Secret Service agents, not a single former Secret Service agent has claimed that Obama prays five times a day.[10][11][12]

Obama and the month of Ramadan

Every year during the month of Ramadan Muslims fast from dawn until sundown and during this time they abstaining from food, drink, and sexual relations.[13] No former Secret Service agents have reported that Obama observes Ramadan.

Obama administration and atheist organizations

Liberal Christians and atheists sometimes work together on various public policy issues (see: Atheism and liberal Christianity alliances).

There is significant conflict between atheism and Islam and Islamic governments imprison/censure atheists and Islamic zealots kill atheists (see: Atheism vs. Islam). Muslims generally have a very low opinion of atheism. The Obama administration is the first administration to met with an atheist group. It meet with the Secular Coalition for America which is a coalition which represents the American Atheists, the American Humanist Association, and the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers.[14]

Obama, Muslims and dogs

Muslims commonly (though not all Muslims) have a very low opinion of dogs and consider them impure due to their interpretation of the Koran. For example, the International Business Times reported in 2014: "Owning a dog in Iran could result in 74 lashes under a new law passed by the Iranian government." [15] Obama's family owns a dog.

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