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Cruzites are people who supported Ted Cruz in the 2016 presidential campaign and may favor him in future presidential races. Some Cruzites believe that Ted Cruz is a sincere conservative and then demand that everyone else support Cruz for president, sometimes using Leftist tactics to coerce others. Some Cruzites can be almost cultish in their irrational, pseudo-religious belief that Cruz will become president, and their willingness to encourage dishonesty to seek that goal.

Cruzites are a new type of RINO, refusing to support the Republican nominee for president and often lying about why. Some Cruzites are globalists, while others are feminists. Most of them first supported establishment RINOs such as Jeb Bush, but after he and the others dropped out, they switched to Cruz because they viewed him as "the lesser of the two evils."

Consistent with the case law, Cruzites believe that Cruz's birth in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to a U.S. citizen mother and a Cuban-born father qualifies Cruz as a natural born citizen. Cruzites are in liberal denial about the mathematical elimination of Cruz from any possibility of winning on the first ballot and some sought to change the rules at the 2016 Republican National Convention to free delegates from their duty to vote for the presidential candidate to which they were pledged to support.

Cruzites include in their ranks people who are not conservative, such as Establishment types who are merely using Cruz as a tool to try to stop Donald Trump from being the 2016 Republican nominee for President of the United States. Neocons have also flocked to Cruz based on his pro-war stance towards the Middle East.

Cruzites tend to support a Con Con, which would be a new constitutional convention to rewrite the U.S. Constitution or propose numerous amendments to it. For example, a co-chair of the Cruz campaign, Rep. Eric Burlison, is the sponsor of the Con Con bill in Missouri, HCR 57.

Deception in Delegate Selection

After Donald Trump was awarded a number of delegate seats in Republican primaries, Cruz supporters obtained election for those delegate seats, in the hope that they would be able to vote for Cruz instead on a second ballot. This deception prevented some Trump supporters from becoming delegates to the Republican National Convention. Indeed, some states have no laws preventing "pledged" delegates from voting for a different candidate on the first ballot either.

Gary Hart and John Edwards analogies

The Democratic Party had candidates in a role analogous to Ted Cruz with Gary Hart in 1984 and 1988, and John Edwards in 2004.[1] Neither was ever elected president or ever even won the nomination of their party for president.

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