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DC Comics

DC Comics is one of the largest, most famous comic book companies. It was founded in 1934 as National Allied Publications. Its first well-known comics were Action Comics and Detective Comics, which respectively introduced Superman and Batman. The latter comic book also gave the company its current name. Its major competitor is Marvel Comics.[1]

It is now a part of Warner Bros., which is owned by Time Warner.

It also had various media properties including films and television shows for their characters, such as the DC Animated Universe during the 1990s-2000s. By the 2010s, however, several DC properties were made on the CW, collectively known as the Arrowverse. Many entries into the Arrowverse (including Supergirl, which was technically separate from it due to airing on CBS first) were notorious for pushing social justice elements (up to and including the blatant promotion of homosexuality, to the extent of radically altering established characters as being homosexual or bisexual) due to Greg Berlanti helming production.

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