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The Daimler Group is an automobile manufacturer, based in Stuttgart, Germany. The could trace it's roots back over 100 years to the merger of Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz. The company would purchase the American car maker, Chrysler in 1998 however this would be a large loss in capital, with the purchase price being 36 Billion Dollars, and they were only able to sell Chrysler for 6 Billion Dollars. In 2007 Daimler completed 10 years of making vehicles in North America, at their SUV plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Mercedes-Benz, the major brand of the Daimler group is in fact named for the daughter of a business partner of Wilhelm Maybach.


During the tenure of the Nazi Party in Germany, Daimler used Jewish prisoners to make cars.[1] Daimler was also criticized for the using of a portrait of the murder Che Guevara during their promotion of their cars.[2]


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