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Dan Barker

Dan Barker (born June 25, 1949) is an American atheist activist and co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). In 1984, Dan Barker became an ex-Christian. Barker was a Christian minister and musician for 19 years.

Dan Barker on the issue of rape

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Christian apologist Kyle Butt wrote: "In fact, in my debate with Dan Barker, Barker admitted that fact, and stated that under certain circumstances, rape would be a moral obligation (Butt and Barker, 2009)"[1] (see: Atheist Dan Barker Says Child Rape Could Be Moral).

Atheism offers no condemnation of rape and it provides no moral basis a society to attempt to prevent and deter rape. Western atheists often assert there are no absolutes in morality and argue for moral relativism (see: Atheism and morality).

Commenting on Western atheism and rape, the Christian apologist Ken Ammi wrote:

When considering any and every atheist condemnation of any action whatsoever it is of primary importance to keep in mind that they are expressing personal opinions about the act(s) they are condemning. They are merely telling you their personal preferences in the form of morality borrowed from the Judeo-Christian worldview. They are piling unfounded assertion, upon unfounded assertion, upon unfounded assertion, and building a tel of arguments from outrage, arguments from personal incredulity, arguments for embarrassment, etc.[2]

His wife Laurie Annie Gaynor's complaint about FFRF speaking engagement invitations

Annie Laurie Gaylor is an atheist feminist. She is co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

See also: Atheism and sexism

Writing on the sexism within the atheist community, atheist Victoria Bekiempis wrote in a Guardian article entitled Why the New Atheism is a boys' club:

Annie Laurie Gaylor, who founded the Freedom From Religion Foundation with her mother, Anne Nicol Gaylor, in 1978, sums it up succinctly: “One word — sexism.” Gaylor’s husband, Dan Barker, who helms the organization along with her, is usually the one invited to speaking engagements, despite her longer tenure as the organization’s leader and her numerous books on atheism.[3]

Atheist Dan Barker: Google trends data from 2004 to 2020

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According to Google Trends from 2004 to 2020 there has been a significant decline in web searches for the term "Dan Barker" in the United States.

Dan Barker Google Trends data contrasted with Annie Laurie Gaylor Google Trends data

According to Google Trends, there are considerably more Google searches for Dan Barker than Annie Laurie Gaylor. In addition, according to Google Trends from January 2004 to January 2020, there was a considerable decline of search volume for Dan Barker than Annie Laurie Gaylor.

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