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Dana (Dana Rosemary Scallon; b 1951) is an Irish singer, entertainer and politician. She achieved fame in 1970 when she won the Eurovision Song Contest with All Kinds of Everything (Remind Me of You) and has written religious music: her album The Rosary, like All Kinds of Everything, was a million-seller. In 1997 Dana stood as an independent candidate in the Irish presidential election and in 1999 was elected to the European Parliament (she served as an MEP until defeated in 2004). Dana said she witnessed first hand the deliberate eroding of her country's morals and values by a heavy-handed EU noting how countries would be refused aid unless they subscribed to the abortion agenda.

Her political views are family-friendly and conservative, opposing abortion and legislation legalising the so-called 'morning-after pill'. A staunch pro-Life campaigner, she released an album of pro-Life songs entitled Perfect Gift - Songs for Life.

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