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Ban Ki-Moon with Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst.

The Eurovision Song Contest is a Europe-wide singing competition, which held every year. Every member of the European Broadcasting Union is allowed to perform a song at a festival. The country, which held the festival is often the winner of the last year. Since 2003 there is also a Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

In recent years it has promoted the homosexual agenda. Transsexual singer Dana International won in 1998 for Israel and during 2013's contest Finnish singer Krista Siegfrids gave one of her female backing singers a kiss at the end, widely labelled by the liberal media as Eurovision's first "lesbian kiss". Siegfrids stated to the media that the act was done because she wants Finland to legalise same sex "marriage". Another example would be the interval act performed by the host in Sweden which also mentioned same sex "marriage". In 2014, an Austrian cross dressing act was voted the winner of the competition.

From 2015 on Australia competes as guest country on the Eurovision Song Contest because of the popularity of the festival Down Under.

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