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Colonel David Crawford (c. 1625 - 1710) was a member of the House of Burgesses and an early plantation owner in Virginia.

David Crawford was born circa 1625, in Scotland, the son of the Virginia immigrant John Crawford who was killed in Bacon's Rebellion. David immigrated to the Virginia Colony with his father in about 1643.

Crawford amassed many acres of land and owned a large plantation that eventually became the site of Richmond, Virginia. On April 2, 1692 he was elected to the House of Burgesses as one of two representatives from New Kent County, Virginia which he would hold for two years. On April 4 he took his seat in the House. He introduced a piece of legislation, requiring that County Clerks maintain an office in their respective County Courthouse, which was passed.

As an elderly man he was killed by some Pamunkey Indians in 1710 in New Kent County, Virginia.

David Crawford is also a prominent Survivalist fiction author.

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