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Deaths directly attributed to the liberal media documents murder or suicide as a result of liberal newspapers, news channels, magazines, Hollywood films and television shows. The people affected were shamed, bullied, committed murder because of liberalism and falsehoods espoused.

BLM terrorist fires into a car in Provo, Utah.
  • The Purge murder spree
19-year-old Johnathan Cruz faces three murder charges after prosecutors say he was inspired by the horror movie The Purge.[1]
  • Walking Dead murder
Davon Perry killed his friend after binge-watching the TV show The Walking Dead while intoxicated. He claimed he killed him because he was turning into a zombie.[2]
  • Breaking Bad murder plot
Three French students have been charged with murdering 23-year-old art history student Eva Bourseau and disposing of her body in a trunk of acid. Prosecutors have said the murder plot was inspired by the television series Breaking Bad.[3]
  • Aurora movie theater massacre
Mentally unstable James Holmes killed 12 people in a Colorado movie theater during the showing of Batman franchise movie The Dark Night Rises. Holmes was obsessed with Batman and his apartment was decorated with Batman paraphernalia.[4] He dyed his hair redish-orange in an attempt to appear like The Joker character from Batman.
  • Koran-Desecration Story
In 2005, Newsweek published a lie that soldiers based in Guantanamo flushed the Islamic Koran down a toilet. The story spread across the world and riots took place. In Afghanistan, at least 16 people were killed and scores injured. Newsweek would later issue a retraction.[5]
  • Terrorist Attack in Germany Against U.S. Airmen
German authorities say terrorist shooter Arid Uka shot and killed U.S. servicemen after watching a four-minute video clip of the Brian De Palma anti-Iraq war movie Redacted.[6]
  • Melinda Duckett Suicide Case
A trial was held against CNN host Nancy Grace because Melinda suffered "emotional distress." Grace grilled the woman, accusing her of hiding something. Duckett shot and killed herself the day the taped interview was scheduled to broadcast.[7]
  • To Catch A Predator
In 2008, NBC settled on a $105 million lawsuit when in 2006 Louis William Conradt committed suicide during a taping of its Dateline NBC show "To Catch A Predator".[8]
  • Talk Show Slaying
March 9, 1995, three days after the two taped a segment of the nationally syndicated Jenny Jones show, Jonathan Schmitz killed Scott Amedure. Schmitz claims he had been "ambushed" by the program's producers, and that the humiliation of having another man's attraction to him revealed in front of a studio audience led to murder.[9]
  • WWF Wrestling
Six-year-old Tiffany Eunick died after a 13-year-old boy copied moves he had seen in bouts televised by the World Wrestling Federation.[10]
5-year-old half-sister dead after 13-year-old brother performs wrestling moves imitated from TV.[11]
The liberal media overhyped racial issues in connection with the first trial for the beating of Rodney King to such an extent that more than 50 people were murdered, and thousands injured (including, most infamously, Reginald Denny), when the media reported the "not guilty" verdicts.
  • NPR allegations of right wing extremists.
During the Leftwing insurrection of 2020 NPR made the false claim that alleged "white supremacists" were using vehicles to run down alleged "peaceful" rioters based on an edited video from Louisville, Kentucky.[12] The allusion was intended to bring to mind a 2017 Charlottesville incident in which a protester was run over. In Alamosa, Colorado a 27-year-old white Black Lives Matter protester shot an innocent driver in the head who was trying to avoid protesters blocking the street at an intersection.[13] Another was shot in Provo, Utah.[14] After riling leftists with false reporting,[15] NPR later had to walk back its claim about the Louisville incident when it was discovered that the driver, who was black, was in fact the victim of a violent BLM assault.[16]

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