Debate:Is homosexuality responsible for totalitarianism?

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Apparently, if we look at the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany (the Nazis didn't fully persecute gays, see Homosexuality in Nazi Germany and Homosexuals and the Holocaust), and the Roman Empire, these two countries have homosexuality legal, but these countries lost their freedoms. Also, in Britain, Canada, and Sweden, known to be gay friendly countries, people lost their freedom to criticize gays. --KStanley 13:35, 22 April 2009 (EDT)


Perhaps in the past homosexuals were not responsible for dictatorships but they will be in the future. As a part of the Homosexual Agenda they will create a world (unless we stop them) in which at first gay marriage will be legal, then, step two, it will be considered hate speech to speak out against the sin of homosexuality, from there it's a slippery slope. Maybe people will be 'enouraged' to experience homosexuality for themselves in the future so they will be 'more tolerant' who knows where it can lead if the atheist/homosexual/liberal gang has their way.

This is patently ridiculous. The Roman Empire was never particularly free except for the very small minority fortunate enough to be born as aristocratic males. The Nazis were not gay friendly at all, read a book about it--don't just parrot whatever Glenn Beck tells you. --RudrickBoucher 17:59, 22 September 2011 (EDT)


Most totalitarian societies have outlawed homosexuality, including Iran's current regime.

KStanley, the Nazis murdered gays, as well as Jews, Slavs, Romani, and the mentally challenged. Murder is murder, no matter the number killed. Canada, Sweden, and the UK, although they are indeed more gay-friendly, are immensely less totalitarian than Nazi Germany and Iran. --LincolnShuddered

Homosexuality itself does not logically equate to totalitarianism. The argument KStanley makes is irrelevant, "these two countries have homosexuality legal, but these countries lost their freedoms.", by that logic if Nazi Germany encouraged eating oranges then oranges are responsable for totalitarianism. Euaaan 23:19, 2 October 2009 (EDT)

Correlations and Causality are distinct. Nazi Germany had 2 types of gays, the Butches and the Fems. Nazis persecuted some fems, but promoted many butches to death camp guards, and used other gays for hit squad cannon fodder. if this sounds completely insane, look up the pink swastika, and the many useful and varied sources and references.

Clarification : many fems were male, and many butches were also male.
Conclusion :: Gays as a whole were not to blame for the Nazi ascendancy and ultimate defeat. Hatred of the homoerotic idea was also not completely involved on either side of the Nazi-counterNazi debate.

with love of Israel,

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Is this really a topic for discussion?? AShep 21:42, 22 June 2011 (EDT)