Debate: Who will win the 2008 presidential election?

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The big day is upon us! We all have opinions, but who's a savvy statistician and who's just a pompous pollster? Let's see who can predict the presidential election outcome the best! Add your name and predictions below. Whomever get the closest wins. Ties will be decided by the U.S. House of Representatives. Corry 23:42, 3 November 2008 (EST)

Add your prediction to the table.
User Electoral Winner Votes Popular Winner Percent Margin Comments
Corry Obama 326 Obama 6% Obama carries PA, VA, OH, and loses FL and NC.
Jp McCain 285 Obama 2% Hillary supporters are the difference, OH, FL, Bradley effect.
Tgeary McCain 271 McCain 0.5% Looking increasingly unlikely, but I cannot give up my confidence in my country yet.
DinsdaleP Obama 338 Obama 4% Obama carries PA, VA, OH, and NC. Loses FL and MO., Sen. 60-seat margin, Ca. no on 8, Co. no on 48.
DRamon McCain 271 McCain 0.5% You gotta have hope!
NewCrusader  ?  ? Obama 4% Polls show Obama is going to get the popular easily - but as this seems to be from making the blue states even bluer, it might not translate to electoral collage votes. I don't know enough to call that one, sorry.
DRamon McCain 271 McCain 0.5% You gotta have hope!
RJJensen Obama 400 Obama 10% Tsunami today. Obama outspent McCain by 3-1 and has 3x or 4x as many volunteers phoning to get out the vote. GOP folks are depressed and big losses in Senate and House races--will drag McCain down.
Boomcoach Obama 338 Obama 5% Obama carries FL, OH and VA, plus all Kerry states. Senate 59-41. Dems pick up 25 House seats. CA Prop 8 fails.