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Poppy field in Oxfordshire.
Didcot power station can be seen in the background
Map of Oxfordshire

Didcot is a town in Oxfordshire, England. It is best known as the site of Didcot Power station, whose cooling towers can be seen from afar.[1]


Didcot is near to the Harwell Campus, a leading science, innovation, technology and business campus.[2]


The British Army's Vauxhall Barracks is located in Didcot but is scheduled for closure.[3]


Didcot is close to the main A34 road. Didcot Parkway railway station is on the main line to London Paddington station. Bus services to local towns and villages leave from outside the station. Didcot is a junction for trains to Oxford.[4]

Shopping and leisure[edit]

Didcot has the Orchard Shopping Centre and the Cornerstone arts centre. [5]

Didcot Railway Centre, next to the railway station, has a large number of preserved railway engines, mostly from the Great Western Railway. It is open to the public at weekends and on some weekdays.[6]