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The Healthy Diet

Dieting for weight loss is a major preoccupation of health-conscious Americans. Many also go on a reducing diet to improve the look of their physique.

The most effective way to lose weight is to take in fewer calories than you use up. Often this can be accomplished by eating less and exercising more.

The Greeks often share small plates of food called meze,” having just a bite of meat along with low-cal, healthy Greek staples like fresh seafood, slowly digested carbs (beans, eggplant, or whole-grain breads), and small portions of olives and nuts. [1]

The quest to lose weight without "dieting" has fueled sales of diet books into the billions of dollars and spawned an entire industry.

Everyone knows the keys to losing weight: Eat less and exercise more. Sounds simple enough, but in the context of real life and its demands, it can be anything but simple. Experts share their top tips for weight loss success.

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