Doctrina Iacobi

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The Doctrina Iacobi is a 7th-century Greek tract written in the Middle East between 634 and 640 A.D. The manuscript provides one of the earliest external accounts of the origins of Islam, presenting a significantly different Islamic historiography than found in traditional Islamic texts.

It records Muhammed as a Judeo-Arab preacher proclaiming the advent of a Jewish Messiah and that the Jews and Arabs were allies against the Byzantine contradicting accounts in the Qur'an.

  • What is significant here is the possibility that Jews and Arabs (Saracens) seem to be allied together during the time of the conquest of Palestine and even for a short time after (Patricia Crone-Michael Cook 1976).
  • This document is plausibly one of the most archaic elements of the Islamic tradition, its agreement with the earliest external accounts of the origins of Islam is highly significant (Patricia Crone-Michael Cook 1977).