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DuQu is computer malware classified as a Trojan Horse. It is built with the same basic source code of Stuxnet, so it has been concluded that this malware was designed and released by the same party responsible for Stuxnet. Some are even referring to DuQu as Stuxnet 2.0.[1] In general, this Trojan Horse was designed for intelligence gathering and espionage.[2] There have been two versions of this malware released so far—the latter was detected in June 2015.[3]

Technical Specifics

Duqu is often delivered as a Microsoft Word document. Once opened, it exploits what was at the time of release a zero-day vulnerability (that is, one which was completely unknown) in font handling. Once a computer is infected, it opens a "back door" and begins downloading the main content of the malware. It also has rootkit functionality, so it can run nearly invisibly on the host computer.[4][5]

Vulnerable Operating Systems