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Economic collapse is a drastic reduction in economic activity and production of goods and services to the point where the economy (local, national, global) is no longer able to support the individuals that depend on it.

Predictions about the United States economy

Peter Schiff,[1] who predicted the Crash of 2008, asks,
"Since 2012, what has happened with our economy? The stock market continues its illusory gains, the Fed 'tapers'" quantitative easing "while some jobs return, and yet the fundamental threats to our way of life has only grown worse -- much, much worse. The United States government nearly defaulted on its debts and the solution was to raise the debt limit -- to spend yet more money, to go even deeper in hock to China" via Treasury Bills, "and to burden every American with obligations that are impossible to repay." Mr. Schiff "reveals that the road we're on will lead to an abrupt devaluation of our currency and an economic crash that will upend our power, our political system, and our way of life."[2]

According to Mr. Schiff, and other pundits, the majors issues to examine to understand the strong mathematical and historical likelihood of an even greater crash than the Great Depression:

Mr. Schiff asserts that "to avoid complete collapse, America must drastically reduce government spending, and regulations that drain businesses and suppress economic growth, eliminate costly and unnecessary agencies, stop foreign military escapades, and cut entitlements of all kinds for all classes of people."[4]

In the six years following Mr. Schiff's prediction, the United States economy has grown rather than experienced an economic collapse.

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