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Elijahandskip is a conservative Wikipedia editor who received media attention after creating Wikipedia's "Biden–Ukraine conspiracy theory" article and who has been in (and started) many debates over problems on Wikipedia. Breitbart News & Law Enforcement Today created articles mentioning the editor.[1][2] As of July 2022, Elijahandskip has over 10,000 edits on Wikipedia.

History on Wikipedia

Editor Elijahandskip joined Wikipedia on September 16, 2019.[3] In April 2020, Elijahandskip revived Wikipedia's "Current Event WikiProject" and since then, as been the "Coordinator" of the 'WikiProject'. Through his editing history, a lot of conflicts have arose.

Biden–Ukraine conspiracy theory article

The first major conflict on Wikipedia that Elijahandskip started was the creation of the Biden–Ukraine conspiracy theory article. On October 14, 2020, Elijahandskip began a discussion on Wikipedia's 'Conspiracy theories related to the Trump–Ukraine scandal' article about splitting the Hunter Biden report from the New York Post. On October 15, with no opposes to the split, Elijahandskip 'Split' the Hunter Biden incident into an article titled "Biden–Ukraine conspiracy theory".[4] After the move, all 'hell' broke loose. Multiple editors said Elijahandskip should never have moved the article in the first place. On October 16, Elijahandskip started a discussion that would end up lasting 30 days and be 25 pages long. The discussion was about "Discussing the term "False" in opening statement". The background of it was in the opening statement, the article said "The Biden-Ukraine conspiracy theory is a series of false allegations". Conflict arose when the word 'false' was being removed, so the discussion attracted a lot of editors. The discussion ended up gaining so much attention that Breitbart News & Law Enforcement Today created articles about the entire incident.[5][6] In the end, the term "false" stayed in the article's first sentence.

Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack article

On May 7, the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack occurred and Elijahandskip created the article on Wikipedia for the cyberattack.[7] On May 10, Wikipedia editor Fram went to Wikipedia admin Rosguill to report a violation of Elijahandskip's T-Ban by adding "and declared a state of emergency" after a sentence about President Biden in the article.[8][9] After a debate between Elijahandskip and Fram, Rosguill said "the diff that Fram provided is a clear cut violation of your tban". Elijahandskip received a 31 hour block from Wikipedia over the edit that added a total of 6 words to the article and in that edit, never mentioned anything about Post 1992 US Politics. However, on May 12, Elijahandskip got a notice about the article being mentioned on Wikipedia's "In The News" section on the main page.[10]

Recognitions on Wikipedia

As of July, 2021, Elijahandskip has received eight "In The News" recognitions. Four of those recognitions are for articles Elijahandskip started and four and for articles he nominated. Elijahandskip also received four barnstars on Wikipedia including The Defender of Wiki Barnstar, The Current Events Barnstar, The Original Barnstar, and The Working Wikipedian's Barnstar.

History on Conservapedia

Elijahandskip joined Conservapedia after receiving a 6-month 'T-Ban' (Short for Temp Ban) from post 1992 US politics Wikipedia articles. He joined on March 27, 2021. Since his joining, he is responsible for starting 21 articles and the creation of 2 categories.[11]