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Hello everyone. Let me start off by saying that I am a known (“famous”) Wikipedia editor and I hope to improve Conservapedia as well as Wikipedia. I have a Conservapedia article: Elijahandskip where I am documenting some of my more notable conflicts on Wikipedia (Some making the irl news).

My Wikipedia Editing History/Fame

In this section, you will find some of my Wikipedia history.

My Mentions Outside Wikipedia

As of this point in time, as a Wikipedia editor, I had 6 mentions outside Wikipedia which included news articles.

  • I was (Unofficially) mentioned by News Akmi in their article Wikipedia Editors Censor Hunter Biden Bombshell, Call New York Post ‘Unreliable’ Source on October 15, 2020. -I wasn’t directly mentioned, however, one of my edits was linked to the article. I call that a mention. [1]
  • I was mentioned by Breitbart News on October 22, 2020 in their article Wikipedia Editors Label Biden Corruption Allegations ‘Conspiracy Theory’ After Censorship Attempts. [2]
  • I was mentioned by Law Enforcement Today on October 27 in their article Hunter Biden audio tape appears to confirm business dealings with “spy chief” of China. [3]
  • I was mentioned by Wollongong Memorial Gardens on February 12, 2021. [4]
  • I was mentioned in the E-Book(PDF) Biden Ukraine Conspiracy Theory Wikipedia. [5]
  • I was mentioned by Science Wise (.info) - Discovered on March 30, 2021.

Awards I received on Wikipedia

  • I have received 4 barnstars on Wikipedia.
  • I have created over 2 dozen Wikipedia articles.
  • 3 articles I started were put on Wikipedia's "In The News" section on the main page.

My Beliefs

I stand for history. I believe history should always be stated, so I might not agree with Rfc outcomes on Wikipedia. The following things I do not agree with and I have had major arguments with other editors over (causing multiple RFC's that are dozens of pages long).

  • I do not agree with the Wikipedia RFC that said the impeachment attempt against Gov. Mike DeWine is not notable enough to mention in his history of governorship.
  • I do not agree with the fact that Wikipedia will not add information about "ItalyGate" into any articles, even articles about election fraud claim reactions.
  • I do not agree with the fact that Wikipedia will not allow information about a $500 million lawsuit against Twitter (From the Hunter Biden laptop shop guy) to be added, but will allow an entire article about a $500 million lawsuit against CNN over defamation.

Conservapedia Articles I started