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Equestrian sports (aka Horseback riding) are sports which involve riding or driving horses that have been trained for such purposes. There are many individual equestrian sports, but most fall into one of two major groups: English riding and Western riding. English riding is the style of riding that originated in Europe. It uses saddles with a low pommel and cantle, and attire for the riders is generally quite formal. Western riding originated in the United States and uses saddles with a raised pommel and cantle and less formal attire. Other equestrian sports include Horse racing and Horse driving. Many Arab States and the country of Mexico are fond of equestrian sports. Horse racing and horse breeding is seen as a sign of wealth in many Arab countries.

Types of Equestrian Sports

Show Jumping
Horse Racing
Endurance riding
Hunt seat
Saddle seat
Barrel racing
Team penning

The Grand National is one of the most popular horse racing events in the United Kingdom although it has a worldwide following. It is held on Aintree racecourse in Liverpool.