Essay:Common GOP fallacies

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Essay: Common GOP fallacies

The national GOP establishment has an image problem, a communication problem, and a principles problem. State GOP is much better off than the establishment and is doing all the right things. The national GOP is all but certain to take control of the Senate and retain the House in 2014. But what does that mean for the rest of us? In D.C., there will be much smiling and pats on the back but the nation doesn't have time for celebrations. Our problems can't be fixed by D.C. because D.C. is the problem. The establishment Republicans have become nearly indistinguishable from Democrats. This is serious and we must reject their thinking.

I'll attempt to explain the establishment position and counter why it is wrong.


Often referred to as the Big Tent, we constantly hear that the GOP needs to expand and accept others with different views in order to grow the party. Democrats never say this to their base constituents. Republicans fear that if they don't pander like Democrats, all is hopeless. Democrats divide people into groups and target those groups. Not as Americans but as gays, as poor, as ethnic minorities, as students, etc. This philosophy has its roots in Marxist class warfare. Republicans need to stay clear, not embrace it.

The party is inclusive. We don't reject anybody. It's just that the establishment can't articulate the benefits of being American or conservatism. You attract people to the party by explaining your strengths and having a vision where we are headed and how you can succeed. America first. American exceptionalism. America's bright future and we want you to be a part of it.


This phrase has gained popularity recently by establishment RINOs who think they have the answers. The GOP thinks that they are perceived as constantly rejecting Democrat legislation and that is turning away future supporters. It's a ridiculous argument. Again, it's back to being a messaging problem where we can't articulate what we stand for and how you'll benefit. It's also an image problem. Democrats and their registered Democrat media allies work mercilessly at painting the GOP as obstructionists.

We are a party that stands on principle. You have to reject what is wrong. You have to support what is right. If its saying no because it is bad, than so be it. There is plenty we say yes to. Time to find ways the people can recognize this.


To much dismay, the establishment is dead set on winning the independent vote. So much so, that they turned their backs on conservatives. 4 million conservatives stayed away from voting Mitt Romney in the 2012 elections. Republicans can't understand this. D.C. pollsters have them convinced that 40% of voting public is Democrat that strictly votes only their candidates. 40% of the voting public is Republicans that steadfastly vote only their party candidates and that 20% of independents are up for grabs. It's not the case. If it were the case, Democrats would be wooing them at all costs and they are not.

Get out of this mindset. To not be right leaning, means you must campaign as not right leaning. Basically, you are turning your back on the base in hopes that they will vote for you no matter what and that Independents will be convinced to follow in your direction. You can't just drive in a tour bus with the words Conservative emblazoned on the sides. You must stand for principles.


Another non-starter that picks up zero votes. Again, Democrats never say this to their base. Their base expects them to mop the floor with Republicans. But Republicans feel that we turn off voters by not reaching out. They are convinced that the voters want the parties to work together. Maybe so, but to develop talking points on working together is not a winning strategy and the GOP must abandon this angle for campaigns. This is also a GOP argument for electing moderates.

For some reason, the establishment is afraid of their own shadow. They don't want to be thought of as mean. They want the media to like them. They don't want to be called racist or against women. They are unfairly painted this way but they are incapable of fighting back. The GOP is timid and weak. No leader of the world fears Obama but Republicans do and Democrats know it. The left doesn't want to be your friends. Get over it and start playing hard ball. Example, Democrats kill Senate rules that have been in place for two centuries, how did the Republicans respond? A bit of whining but back to business as usual. A true fighting class would have shut down the Senate. Stalled every bit of legislation. Make it as painful as possible for Harry Reid. Not these GOP wimps.


They want the public to believe that true principled conservatives are to rigid an ideology and can't win because of it. Reagan proved them wrong but no matter, they want to ignore that and believe in this fantasy instead. The GOP repeats the canard over and over again. They point out the Tea Party candidates that lost as an example. They mention Todd Aiken, Sharon Angle and Christine O'Donnell as reasons to reject. Meanwhile, way more RINO candidates have lost than Tea Party candidates. The GOP isn't upset or worried that Bob Dole lost, John McCain lost, Mitt Romney lost. Most recently Scott Brown lost, Linda McMahon lost, that Carly Fiorina lost, Meg Whitman lost, etc. The GOP believe it's better to lose with their candidate.

The voters on both sides are turned off by Democrat-lite candidates. Conservatives do win and they become populist leaders that make a difference that the American people can see. RINO candidates become another party line vote, remain unknowns, make deals to receive committee assignments. Our nation's problems will never be fixed as long as the establishment choices continue hold seats.


Politics is full of gotcha moments. The media is working overtime to protect Democrats and to attack Republicans. Words are spoken that are unpopular but true. Taken out of context and are not the prevailing thoughts but never-the-less, not factually incorrect. The truth is not a popularity contest. The party must stand on principles and must be strong-willed to outlast the negativity. Never ever do Democrats abandon their own. No matter what stupid thing they said, no matter how wrong and how embarrassing. Democrats circle the wagons to defend their own.

Then there are the establishment Republicans. They step over themselves trying to reach a camera and microphone to denounce Ted Cruz. They look like fools. They can see the popular response the people give Ted Cruz. Obviously, they can see the liberals seething with hate for Cruz. Why would you align yourself with the leftists? It's a good question but the opposite can be said. Why aren't the Republicans attacking Harry Reid? They hit back at their own harder than they do the Democrats. Start uniting to fight the opposition. We have enough to deal with than intra-party egos.


Both parties have made a mess. Washington is incapable of fixing itself. We must reject the establishment GOP. Forget third parties, we must take over the GOP party and replace those who are leading us in the wrong direction. The people demand solutions to our problems. They are tired of show votes. We are sick of Boehner's fake Obamacare repeals, McConnell's strategy to attack the Tea Party, Cantor's immigration push, Ryan's toothless financial reforms, Issa's investigating a dozen Obama scandals without a single conviction and many others. They are not leading, only holding on to their seats. You could find polling that shows Congress in the single digits for popularity. Why do they deserve re-election? They don't. Get people in power that can be trusted. People that will put America first, not special interests. People that will uphold laws, not sit back and allow laws to trampled on.

Much can be learned from state GOP public officials. They attack social issues like abortion, they work to uphold immigration enforcement and push for voter ID, they take popular stances that people support like lowering taxes and job creation. They are not afraid and they need to be elected to higher office. Their conservatism is winning. Conservative ideas do work. Conservatism has a proven record of success.

The D.C. bozos gotta go!