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There are many examples in which Christians, at different times in history, have opposed anti-biblical cultural practices, and have often suffered, and even been martyred for it. Despite liberal claims that the western world has long had "Christianity" as its mainstream culture, there have been many un-biblical cultural practices that have been accepted in mainstream western society. Many of the uncomfortable subjects such as the fact that man is born in sin and needs a Savior is unpopular, even among people who attend church. Satan is the Prince of the power of the air (Ephesians 2:2) even in cultures inspired by Christendom. Also, understand that not all world cultures are inspired by Christendom.




Many of the prophets recorded in the Old Testament were persecuted for calling on Israel to follow God's commandments.


During his life on Earth, Jesus staunchly opposed many anti-biblical practices that were going on in the land of Judea:

  • Jesus gave very harsh words to the Pharisees who were corrupting Scripture such as: "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are." -Matthew 23:15

The Apostle Paul

Paul was one of the most significant authors of the New Testament. A Jew and a Roman Citizen, he once persecuted the Christians, but after repenting for his sins, became the most significant apostle of his time. Paul was imprisoned multiple times, and ultimately died in prison.

  • Paul had many letters to churches who had compromised biblical truth to conform to the cultures around them (Ephesians, 1 and 2 Corinthians, etc.), a practice that churches are still falling into today.
  • Paul was imprisoned multiple times, and ultimately died in prison. Paul was beaten by the Romans, and the Jews. Was executed by the Romans. [1]

The Reformation

  • The Waldensians, Hussites, and early Protestants were all persecuted for diverging from Medieval Roman Catholic doctrines.

Martin Luther

Martin Luther was one of the most important leaders in Christian and German history. An Augustinian monk, priest, and professor of theology, he unintentionally launched the Protestant Reformation.

  • Luther was the first to break Roman Catholic unity on a large scale, ignoring the Great Schism. He was excommunicated for the 95 Theses he had written in 1517 as a direct challenge to Church practice. Furthermore, he had the backing of several German princes who resented the Italian domination of the Church.
  • A tireless writer of tracts and hymns, Luther reshaped German religious culture by rejecting clerical celibacy and creating a new liturgy that emphasized congregational singing. His very popular hymns and his translation of the Bible into German helped to shape the German language.

Ulrich Zwingli

Ulrich Zwingli was the leader of the Protestant Reformation in Zürich, Switzerland and founder of Swiss Reformed Churches. Zwingli authored his 67 articles in response to abuses he found in the Catholic Church, and was a contemporary of Martin Luther.

  • Zwingli spoke out against the common and popular practice of selling mercenary soldiers to foreign countries.

Biblical creationists

In a world in which those in power in academia and the scientific world demand and force acceptance of Evolution, Biblical creationists have faced much derision and opposition from both non-Christians and compromising Christians.

Henry Morris

Henry Morris was a prominent young earth creationist, Christian apologist, scholar, and hydrologist. He is most notable in his role in the modern creation science movement, co-authoring The Genesis Flood and co-founding the Institute for Creation Research. Dr. Morris was the intellectual father of the modern creation science movement, and he also first coined the term "creation science".[2]

Ken Ham

Ken Ham is the founder and President of Answers in Genesis a Young Earth Creationist organization. He is frequently a target of derision by Atheists and compromising Christians

  • Ham is the Brainchild behind the Creation Museum and its Ark Encounter which, despite being derided by the Atheist community, have been very influential.


Christian music gets very often mocked by Atheists, especially Rock, Metal, and Rap, since they think those genres should always be counter-culture and anti-establishment. Unfortunately, they fail to realize what mainstream culture actually is. Contemporary Christian music also gets denounced by many "Christian" groups as conforming to the world. This list will prove otherwise.

DC Talk

DC Talk is a trio consisting of Toby Mckeehan, Michael Tait, and Kevin Max. Since 2000, they're taken an "intermission" from performing together.

  • "He Works" a song about moving out of the sinful life and how Christ works in the life of His follower.
  • "I Luv Rap Music" a song that condemns the obscenity of secular rap music and how music is a gift from God that should not be squandered.
  • "No More" a song about man being born sinful and the need for a savior to overcome sin.
  • "Things of This World" See Matthew 6:19 "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal."
  • "Walls" speaks out against Identity politics.
  • "Children Can Live (Without It)" condemns Abortion.
  • "Socially Acceptable" condemns the changing of society to make moral wrongs acceptable. Most notably the products of the Sexual revolution.
  • "I Don't Want It" promotes sexual Abstinence until marriage in a world that promotes promiscuity.
  • "Jesus Freak" These lyrics say it all: "I don't really care if they label me a Jesus freak, there ain't no disguising the truth."
  • "My Friend (So Long)" a song lamenting a friend who turned away from Christian messages to get more mainstream success. Ironically, Kevin Max of DC Talk has recently done just that [3]


KJ-52 (Jonah Sorettino) is a white Christian Rapper who has made several notable songs that go against things accepted in Mainstream culture today:

  • "Dear Slim" The song which has been widely misinterpreted by the secular community as an "Attack" on Eminem, is really an evangelistic message to him containing unpopular biblical truths.
  • The song "Wait for You" promotes abstinence until marriage, in stock contrast to mainstream culture's promotion of promiscuity.
  • "Rock On" In a world where making a public stance for Jesus is mocked and derided, KJ declares that he's not ashamed.
  • "Don't Go" In a world that trivializes divorce, KJ uses the real life divorce of his own parents to talk how painful it really is.
  • "I'm Guilty" KJ plays the role of a criminal on trial for the first degree murder of Jesus, to represent how Man's sin was the reason for Jesus' Crucifixion, at the end of the trial, he's found Guilty as Charged, but the charges are dropped, which represents the Grace and forgiveness of God.
  • "For the Ladies" contrasts the sexist, misogynist messages common in secular rap music.
  • "Life After Death" deals with the uncomfortable subject of eternal consequences of sin vs. salvation. It also makes clear that the source of Salvation is not works and being a "good person" but redemption for Sin through Jesus Christ.


Founded in 1972 by guitarist Bob Hartman, Petra is one of the oldest Christian bands in existence.

  • "Get Back to the Bible" makes clear that Jesus is the only Way to Heaven. It also condemns Satanism.
  • "Angel of Light" is about the temptations of Satan, who disguises himself as an angel of light.
  • "Beat The System" carries a message the world is a system that we have to stand strong against.
  • "Computer Brains" is a song about how the various influences of life affect people. It cautions us to analyze all influences and not let the sinful world have bad influences on our behavior.
  • "Witch Hunt" condemns self-righteousness and wasting time condemning others evil instead of spreading the Gospel. Something that the Westboro Baptist Church should definitely hear.
  • "Minefield" a song about how dangerous the temptations of the world are and how engaging in worldly pleasures can be destructive.

Sacred Warrior

Sacred Warrior is a Christian Metal band founded in 1986.

  • "Miss Linda" A song about a girl who goes to see a Fortune Teller named "Miss Linda" to help her with her problems, only to discover that "Miss Linda" is a fraud, which leads her to turn to Jesus Christ.
  • "In The Night" A song about sin, and a reminder that God is always watching.
  • "Wicked Generation" condemns superficial Churchianity.
  • "Fire From Heaven" condemns Homosexuality, Pornography, and Abortion, one of the most Politically Incorrect Christian songs ever made.
  • "Desperately Wicked" is a song about the world being fallen because of man's sin, an uncomfortable subject even among "Christians."
  • "Sinking Sand" denounces religious plurality, works-based Salvation, and Apostasy.


Founded in 1985, this band has made many songs about sin vs. righteousness.

  • "Who Will You Follow?" reiterates the notion that there are only two sides, God or Satan, and those who follow Satan will perish.
  • "Enough Is Enough" A song about resisting sinful temptation
  • "He is the Rock" Another exhortation against sin, and a declaration of Jesus being the Rock on which Christians stand.
  • "No Way I'm Goin' Down" A song about waking up to the realization of sin, and vowing to never go back.
  • "When the Clock Strikes" A warning that while Earthly life may seem prosperous, a life without Jesus ends in eternal Judgment.
  • "No Second Chances" A song based on the Parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus which emphasizes the uncomfortable truth that there are no second chances after Death and Judgment.

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