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There is much good advice that can be given to teenagers and people in their 20s and 30s. But the best advice of all is this: marry a conservative.

Benefits include:

  • freedom from sexually transmitted diseases and their harm (including most infertility)
  • fidelity in marriage and accountability
  • lack of hostility to faith, no censorship of prayer
  • frugality and freedom from burdens of big spending and debt
  • respect for the Ten Commandments and opposition to deceit
  • respect for a work ethic, and rejection of an entitlement mentality
  • appreciates the importance of a conservative culture in raising children
  • no confusion over who is the homemaker and who is the breadwinner; recognizing the benefits of division of labor
  • recognizing that values do matter and do have serious consequences
  • having values powerful enough to overcome addiction, such as drinking, gambling, pornography, obesity and smoking
  • freedom from the liberal media and Hollywood values, and their misguided promotions and fads
  • a relationship where issues and problems can be openly discussed, free from the ideological shackles of Liberal beliefs, Liberal denial and political correctness.

True Case Studies[1][edit]

Example One[edit]

Ralph was a conservative who attended a graduate school having a predominantly liberal culture. There he fell in love with a woman who was quite liberal and held a very different set of values. He married her, but within six months he realized he had made a mistake, and within a year filed for divorce.

However, Ralph belonged to a church that does not accept divorce, and it took him another four grueling years to obtain an annulment.

What became the worst experience of his life could have been avoided had he realized the benefits of marrying a conservative.

Example Two[edit]

Suzy was attractive, and promiscuous. Joe, a conservative, liked Suzy and was impressed by her ability to excel at a top college and even succeed at a good graduate school. Joe decided it did not matter if Suzy did not share his conservative values, and Joe married Suzy.

For the next 25 years Joe tried with Suzy to have children, without success. What caused the infertility can never be known with certainty, but it is known that about half of promiscuous people carry sexually transmitted diseases, and that these diseases can cause infertility.[2]

Example Three[edit]

Beth was a conservative woman who liked Bob, a liberal man. Beth put her reservations aside and married Bob, and then gave Bob the best 30 years of her life. Beth had children with Bob and raised them to college.

Then, around age 50, Bob decided he'd like to date younger women. He divorced Beth against her wishes, and now she lives alone.

Bob's actions were consistent with the Hollywood values he preferred. Beth's actions in staying with Bob and raising the children during her younger years were consistent with her conservative values. But now Bob is happy, while Beth is not.

Example Four[edit]

Elizabeth was a smart liberal who knew she would be better off marrying a conservative than a liberal like herself. She found one in Stan, a conservative who was a very hard worker and who did not have the luxury of time to develop the social skills that Elizabeth had.

Stan's circle of friends and acquaintances were limited, and he thought all women were liberal. He married Elizabeth thinking that all women were liberal like her.

For the next thirty years Elizabeth censored Stan's conservative comments, interfered with his conservative activities, and caused problems for Stan at every political turn. But Stan thought all women were that way, and rarely complained.

Tragically, Elizabeth became sick and died. Stan then remarried, this time to a conservative woman whom he did not even realize existed. For the rest of his life Stan marveled at how different—and better—his life was.

Example Five[edit]

Kate was a conservative woman who fell in love with Bill, a liberal man. Bill convinced her to marry him despite her parents' strong objections. Ten years later, Kate began to suffer from strange bouts of lethargy and sickness. Several trips to the doctor were unable to find a cause, until he performed a blood test. It turned out that Kate had AIDS. She confronted Bill who admitted that he considered himself bisexual and had been involved in several homosexual affairs while married to Kate. He was tested as well, and also was HIV positive, but the disease had not progressed to AIDS. Kate divorced and is now forced to take a battery of medications to delay the inevitable.

Example Six[edit]

John attended a Conservative college, where he met Nancy, who attended a liberal college in the same city. The two dated, and developed strong feelings for one another, despite their large differences in their values. Nancy, an atheist, convinced John that she loved him, and that he loved her. Having expected it from her earlier, more liberal, boyfriends, Nancy convinced John to have pre-marital sex, despite his misgivings. They used contraception, but being imperfect, it failed, and Nancy became pregnant. John then proposed to Nancy and the two were soon married.

John finished college and got a good job, while Nancy dropped out and raised their son. Like many liberal college students,[3] Nancy was a drug user, and had drug-dealer friends. These people had frequent access to John and Nancy's apartment. One day, while John and Nancy were on vacation, Nancy's drug-dealing "friends" let themselves in and stole nearly everything they owned. They even used their bank records to empty their accounts. When Nancy realized what happened, and who was responsible, she tried to make it look like a random break-in, rather than an inside job. She was sloppy, however, and the police were quick to realize her complicity after the fact. Nancy went to jail for several months, while John lost his job because sensitive papers he had brought home were stolen in the robbery. Completely destitute and without a job, John took his son and moved in with his parents.

John divorced Nancy while she was still incarcerated. He met a nice conservative woman who he started to date, and, with a good work ethic, slowly began to put his life back together.


  1. The names and occasionally unimportant facts are changed to preserve privacy.
  2. "Among those who admitted having sex, the rate was even more disturbing -- 40 percent had an STD."[1]
  3. College drug use, binge drinking rise