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On June 2, 1961, CBS television broadcast "The Obsolete Man", an episode of its anthology series The Twilight Zone. According to the story, Romney Wadsworth has got just 48 hours to live, having been condemned by a tyrannical government for being "obsolete". His crime was his profession, that of a librarian.

It's an illustration here in the United States with regard to certain freedoms. According to the Constitution, we are endowed with the rights to assemble; to worship God as we choose; to speak freely; to petition for redress; to bear arms for protection of our persons and property; and many others. And throughout its history, there were those who stepped out and sought to deny those freedoms, doing it by force of arms, or by repeated vilification with the help of the printed word.

In Conservapedia, we are excercising that right to a free press and speech in accordance with the First Amendment, but unfortunately there are those who don't like it. They wish to silence us by any means possible, whether it's through vandalizing the articles, or uploading foul and objectionable content, or trying through the public eye to remove us from the internet. Who are these people?

They are like that tyrannical government portrayed in "The Obsolete Man". They wish to force their way of thinking upon us, as they did with Wadsworth. They can not stand the fact that we have a different opinion then they have, and more often than not, a correct one. They have made note of the fact that they cannot stand Christianity or Judaism, which is replete in these pages, and have tried to alter the articles concerned with either a secular viewpoint, or a despicable one. The last book Wadsworth read in that episode was a Bible, banned in "The Obsolete Man" then, and condemned by our critics today.

Again, who are these people? Separate yourselves from the internet today, and walk the streets, scan the newspapers, watch the television. Just what do you see?

  • They are the ones forcing the removal of Nativity scenes from the fronts of fire stations.
  • They are the ones suing to remove public displays of the Ten Commandments, or preventing a politcian from swearing an oath of office on a Bible.
  • They are the ones crying for the removal of guns from the homes, but not the removal of the criminals who use them.
  • They are the ones who claim to support the troops in time of war, but demand that funds for them be removed.
  • They are the ones who demand the right to kill an unborn child, yet call the execution of a convicted murderer "against life".
  • They are the ones who would take away someone's property because the life of a deer or raccoon is more important.
  • They are the ones who scream about protecting the environment, even as they drive their own vehicles which contribute to the pollution.

They are liberals, bastions of tolerance and freedom, so they claim, but in practice they are not. And they would like to shut Conservapedia down. Should that happen, should such people be in the positions of power which they crave, we will be just like Romney Wadsworth in "The Obsolete Man", calmly walking the last mile, with a Bible in hand...unless of course, it is their desire to take that away as well.