Essay:Top Causes of Rejecting Conservativism

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Here is a growing list of the top causes of rejecting conservativism:

  1. Liberal indoctrination in schools. It takes about one year to undo each month-worth of indoctrination.
  2. Personal addictions or activities, often self-destructive, that are criticized by conservatives.
  3. Jobs dependent on liberal ideology, such as gambling, pornography, media and government.
  4. Habitual reading of the liberal newspapers. We are what we read.
  5. Poor upbringing, leading to being easily fooled by superficial liberal arguments, or by liberal demonizing of conservatives.
  6. A desire to fit in with liberals and be liked by them.
  7. A belief in materialism, and thereby a rejection of platonic concepts used by conservativism.
  8. A lack of open-mindedness in considering ideas unfamiliar to their education or background.
  9. A cartoonish view of conservatives and conservative principles.
  10. A lack of recognition of the power of conservative benefits.
  11. A reliance on "feelings", a product of culture, over faith, logic, and facts.
  12. Enjoyment in misleading or deceiving others.

Feel free to add to this list, or change their priority.