Essay: Battle of the Bulge: Jesus vs. PZ Myers

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Jesus Christ worked in a carpenter shop until He was thirty years old. Jesus had no electric power tools as carpenters do today, but worked with hand tools made of iron. Then for about three years, Jesus was an itinerant preacher.[1] In addition, Jesus ate a healthy Mediterranean diet.[2][3] Therefore, unlike many overweight atheists today, Jesus very likely maintained a healthy weight. See: Atheism and obesity and The Bible and health
Atheist PZ Myers in 2006.
Panda bears are known for their portly figures and their frequent eating of bamboo, shoots and leaves.

In the picture above of PZ Myers on the top right of this web page, please notice the graphic of a panda bear on PZ Myers shirt. PZ Myers is also a contributor to the The Panda's Thumb blog.

Questions: 1) Is PZ Myers' obsession with Panda bears further evidence that PZ Myers is jealous of panda bears who frequently eat with no adverse health effects? 2) If Panda bear thumbs are poorly designed, then why are Panda bears so portly?

The Panda bear and its thumbs are a glorious living monument to God's creative power and are pieces of evidence that debunks evolutionary claptrap. See: The panda thumbs its nose at the dysteleological arguments of the atheist Stephen Jay Gould and Why pandas have six fingers
"After looking at the available evidence, when it comes to having a fit and trim physique, Jesus Christ most definitely won the Battle of the Bulge and the atheist and evolutionist PZ Myers was utterly defeated." - George S. Patton

Don't miss these pictures with captions

A picture of PZ Myers taken with the evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould.
The evolutionist Erasmus Darwin's "love of food (particularly fruits, sugar, cream and butter) was matched by his dislike of exercise, and by the age of 46 he had grown so corpulent that a semi-circle had to be cut out of his dining table to accommodate his girth at meal times."[1] See: Evolutionists who have had problems with being overweight and/or obese
The 20% of overweight people who are able to achieve permanent weight loss typically report doing it through engaging in high levels of physical activity, eating a low-calorie, low-fat diet, eating breakfast regularly, self-monitoring weight, and maintaining a consistent eating pattern across weekdays and weekends.[2]

PZ Myers may need to decrease his computer and internet usage.[3]

PZ Myers embarrasses himself at the Creation Museum

See also: PZ Myers embarrasses himself at the Creation Museum

The overweight atheist and evolutionist PZ Myers being assisted on and off the triceratops at the Creation Museum can be seen HERE

If PZ Myers were thinner and sprier, he would have needed no assistance! Evidently, the atheist and evolutionist community is quite aware that PZ Myers is fat and out of shape!

The creationist Ken Ham, who is a big believer in medical science and exercise science and is much thinner than PZ Myers, climbs up and down the triceratops at the Creation Museum all by himself!

Realizing the PZ Myers would probably someday visit the Creation Museum, the southern architectural team extended southern hospitality and designed the Creation Museum with extra wide doors.
Ken Ham often yodels when climbing up and down the triceratops at the Creation Museum and he also yodels when engaging in mountain climbing. To the best of Conservapedia's knowledge, the corpulent PZ Myers does not engage in mountain climbing.

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