Essay: Understanding the organization of Ukrainian forces

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Location of Ukrainian Nazi forces circled in red.

For this one, you're going to have to think outside the box. The Ukrainian armed forces are not organized along the US or NATO lines. Although all military and paramilitary forces receive weapons, training, and funding from NATO, not all forces are under the command and control of the supposed "government of Ukraine". While some of the units receive pay from the Zelensky regime, and coordinate with the NATO command structure, they remain 'independent'. 'Independence' is what they are fighting for, and they remain 'independent' of the Kyiv regime, the EU, and NATO. This is explained in the Pravy Sektor article. They are simply allies of the Kyiv regime, NATO, the EU, and US for the moment.

The Azov Battalion and formations are government units under the Ministry of Interior, and not the Ministry of Defense armed services. They are somewhat like 'national guard' units under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (don't get confused; the Ukraine regime also has its own separate 'National Guard' under the Interior Ministry, but Azov and others are also in the Interior Ministry under the SBU. To make a parallel, it would be like the FBI & CIA inside the DHS rather DOJ or a separate agency, and then having its own large black helicopter formations with tanks and artillery). The Pravy Sektor however, remains independent of the Ukrainian government. It is the paramilitary wing of a political party that functions as a contract worker for the government.

The Kraken Regiment is a volunteer unit formed on February 24, 2022 by veterans of the Azov Battalion. The Kraken unit are particularly well known for openly conducting safaris for Russian speaking civilians in the Kharkiv region. The Kraken unit has also been accused of mistreating Russian prisoners of war. Kraken is not officially part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the map to the right, circled in red are the Nazi units fighting with the Kyiv regime. Notice, most are behind the front lines. There, they function like Red Army Commissars in the old Soviet Union. As well as SS Einsatzgruppen in the Third Reich. They shoot deserters and retreaters like Red Army Commissars. In 'liberated' territories, they murder civilian 'collaborators'. The Nazi units stationed near the front in areas undergoing thick combat right now are performing the same function - shooting people who refuse to fight and terrorizing civilian 'partisans'.

Neither the Russian Federation nor NATO forces are organized like this. The Ukrainian model is a holdover from WWII, using both Nazi & Soviet methods and techniques. And you, the American taxpayer, through the United States Congress, are paying these war criminals with money laundered through the Zelensky regime, and direct weapons support and training through NATO.

Now, Does the end justify the means? NATO, the CIA, Pentagon, and anyone else involved in these war crimes fully understand the Nazi forces of the Pravy Sektor are 'independent', and fighting for their 'independence' from Russia, from the EU, from the US or any other external power. Very few of our idiot Congresspeople, who have made American taxpayers complicit in this collaboration with Nazis, understand these Nazis have no loyalty to Zelensky, the Kyiv government, or 'Western values.'

The United States Congress funding terrorist organizations is nothing new. During the Syrian war and ISIS propaganda war, you will recall CIA/MSM manufactured the oxymoronic term, "moderate rebel"; the blue and yellow flag is the flag of the "moderate rebels" against Russian hegemony which is controlled by Washington, NATO, and other Western institutions (World Bank, IMF, WEF, etc). Their aim is integration with the European Union. The black and red flag of the Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) are the "extremists" (like religious fanatics or jihadis) who want 'Independence' from all outside control (EU, NATO, Washington, 'international bankers', etc.) These armed forces, while receiving NATO & US weapons, training, intelligence sharing, etc., do not take orders from the Zelensky regime. They are merely 'allies' in a temporary arrangement.

To summarize: some Nazi units are in the Ukrainian government under control of the Ministry of Interior. These are more specialized units. A far larger number of troops do not recognize the legitimacy of the 'Jew led' Zelensky regime. They have placed themselves in alliance with the Ukrainian government voluntarily, and can withdraw that commitment to the alliance after their political and military objectives are achieved. This is the Pravy Sektor or Right Sector, which in addition to receiving NATO weapons & training, is paid with money appropriated by the US Congress and laundered through the Zelensky regime. But they are more than just an army for hire. They also are a political party in the Ukrainian parliament (one of the parties that Zelensky did not ban) and constitute Zelensky's main opposition (since Zelensky banned all the socialist and communist parties, the so-called "pro-Russian" parties).

The Pravy Sektor is hailed in the West as the most heroic fighters. Regular AFU are conscripts up to the age of 60 (the young and best soldiers were all killed in the spring and summer of 2022), and Pravy Sektor are the most fanatical fighters. The point is, Pravy Sektor is not even in the Armed Force of Ukraine (don't worry about them being a threat to Zelensky when the fighting is over, as the Zelensky regime does right now. Pravy Sektor and the Zelensky regime won't last that long. The only question is, How long can NATO last as a fighting force in Ukraine without using nukes?)

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